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“van Gogh Never Saw Hogwarts” Starry Night Hybrid Painting Print

Hogwarts Starry Night Painting Print

Hogwarts Starry Night Painting Print

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Depending on your level of obsession with Harry Potter, you may find the series to be a sort of artistic masterpiece in its own right – who could blame you really? What J.K Rowling has managed to accomplish with her stories is nothing short of incredible.

On the topic of masterpieces, enter Vincent van Gogh – a man who is kind of a big deal in some circles, and also responsible for one of the most widely recognized artistic pieces of all time: “The Starry Night”.

Now, what if you could somehow put these two totally unrelated masterpieces together, equal parts Harry Potter and Mr. van Gogh? Probably not a thought that has ever crossed your mind, and in theory, sounds a tad bit out there. But wouldn’t you know, when theory becomes action and creative execution, lo and behold you end of with a masterpiece within masterpieces – an inception of sorts (Harry-Goghception?).

A “The Starry Night,” mixed Hogwarts Castle artistic print piece, with execution you can’t help but adore and admire. Titled, “van Gogh Never Saw Hogwarts” (which is ironic, considering… well, nevermind.), this piece by an artist known as Aja, might just be the avante garde addition you have been missing from your Harry Potter collection, or your totally-unrelated-things art collection… (you probably don’t have one of those).

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