The only dual melee weapon endorsed by demon hunter Illidan Stormrage himself! Accept no substitutes, not even from Leeroy Jenkins.


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You might have heard of this tiny little obscure game called “World of Warcraft,” and if so, you’re familiar with these bladed melee weapons. Just to head off any speculation, these are totally not ripping off the Klingon bat’leth. You dual-wield these, silly! They’re also not intended to represent anything Batman wields, because Batman would be too law-abiding to pick up loot from a Black Temple raid.

The Twin Blades of Azzinoth are a coveted weapon with nice stats, dealing a total of 177K DPS, with a handy -106 intellect to make sure those pesky brains don’t get in the way of your slicing and dicing! By all means, you need this for Illidan Stormrage cosplay. What else are you going to dual-wield when you’re Illidan? Flyswatters?

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