Tricksy Gifts for Mischievous Gods

Fans of Tom Hiddleston’s green and gold-clad character have been enjoying the character for over a decade now so it was a real treat for them when Disney+ decided to drop a new series centered completely on him.

Luckily for Loki fans, and most Marvel fans, timelines aren’t set in stone so even if a beloved figure is killed off, there’s a pretty good chance that they may return in a prequel or alternate timeline for more of their classic shenanigans.

Check out our list below for some of the best presents to celebrate Loki’s return.

Loki Figurine

Hot Toys really outdid themselves with this sixth scale figurine of the trickster god Loki, as played recently by Tom Hiddleston.

Clearly dying at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War wasn’t enough to stop his fans from demanding more of his mischievous ways and it wasn’t enough to stop Marvel from bringing him back to the screen.

This statue includes switchable accessories like scepters, daggers, the tesseract, and, of course, a pair of handcuffs. Too bad they aren’t enough to keep Loki in one place for too long. 

Loki Earrings

These beautiful black rhodium earrings are the perfect gift for any Loki fan out there.

What’s Your Passion teamed up with SideShow to create silver and black earrings in the shape of the tricky god’s staff so that your loved one could carry the divine gift of mischief wherever they may wander.

Though the earrings come in different colors, the black and silver versions have light blue gemstones near the apex of the staffs that look a little bit like the fabled tesseract…

Loki Nendoroid

A wonderful addition to anyone’s collection, this cutely sinister chibi version of Loki comes with four different facial plates so that your loved one can swap them out to reenact their favorite scene from the Avengers movies.

The helmet is detachable, although we don’t know why you’d ever want to take them off. This set also includes a stand base that looks like the Bifrost and a tesseract to let him disappear from the scene. 

Loki Full Cosplay

Based on his outfit from Thor 2: The Dark World, this Loki cosplay set has everything a fan could possibly need to recreate their favorite trickster god.

Made of suede and faux leather, it includes pants, a vest, hand guards, pauldrons, bracers, hand straps, a cape, and the wrap. The boots and headpiece are sold separately through EZCosplay. The only thing missing is the Loki inside the costume, aka you! 

Loki Helmet

This beautifully balanced headpiece based on Loki’s helmet from Thor 3: Ragnarok may look intimidating, but it’s made of gold-painted PVC so the giant horns don’t weight too much to carry around at a convention or party.

They say heavy is the head that wears the crown, but with EZCosplay’s lightweight material, you can get the regal effect without the neck strain. 

Loki Sweater

This men’s crewneck sweater is black with orange lettering, displaying Loki’s name and signature helmet’s silhouette prominently.

It comes in a wide variety of sizes so it’ll be sure to fit fans of all shapes. It’s made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester to keep it soft and snuggly for when you want to curl up and marathon your favorite movies with Loki in them.

It’s also a great Christmas gift to consider since the weather outside will be much colder then, but it’s never a bad idea to get a jump on your holiday shopping. 

Loki Necklace

A lovely depiction of Loki’s helmeted silhouette in green and gold, this necklace is a beautiful gift for any fan of the tricky Asgardian.

The golden part of the necklace is raised enamel which makes it stand out from the green background even more.

The whole thing really pops with a golden chain. Merchoid delivers to most country and even makes shipping free, depending on where you live. 

Loki Snapback

This Loki snapback is a one-size-fits-all gift for fans of the green and golden god everywhere. It’s a black cap with a green brim and silhouette of Loki’s signature helmet in green thread.

His name is emblazoned above in white letters in a graffiti-esque font. 

LEGO Wrath of Loki

There are few things more satisfying than recreating an entire scene from a beloved book or movie and LEGO has certainly got you and your loved ones covered here.

This set includes Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain Marvel as they work together to defeat the evil Loki. Kids are sure to get a kick out of this set for days since it comes with over 200 pieces to carefully slot together.

Plus, there’s no rules about who will win the fight so if Loki sneakily comes in to win, you can stimulate their creativity and help build important developmental skills. 

Loki Socks

Fans of the comics will definitely appreciate these throwback socks. They depict Loki as he has always been drawn; before Tom Hiddleston adopted the role a decade ago.

The shin-high socks depict Loki in his classic golden horned helmet and green and black outfit. They are one-size-fits-all for men, although they specifically fit men with size 10-13 feet. They can be machine-washed for easy care and keeping. 

Loki Cold Cup

This glittery cup is burdened with glorious purpose. Besides depicting the shining gold horned helmet, it sparkles with gold and green glitter throughout the transparent plastic.

It comes with a tightly-fitting lid and attached plastic straw so that you can love Midgard as much as you do Asgard. Just note that the cup, lid, and straw cannot go in the dishwasher so you’ll need to hand wash this awesome cold cup. 

Loki Purse

This adorable crossbody purse comes in a dark green with the outline of Loki’s signature horns in gold on the front.

The purse is made of faux leather and is approximately a foot wide and tall and four inches deep. Inside the bag, the fabric is patterned with ancient Norse runes in gold on a green background to enhance the overall theme.

It may not be very large, but it’s just big enough to sneak a tesseract when your brother isn’t looking and you need to escape your current timeline. 

Marvel Loki Wallet

Using the same official Marvel design we mentioned on the Loki snapback, this black bifold wallet is a great low-key way for fans of Loki to carry a reminder of their favorite Norse god.

Even he won’t be able to pick your pockets with this sleek and solidly built wallet. Just be sure that if you follow in his mischievous footsteps that you have a tesseract tucked away to teleport you away from the authorities. 

Green Loki Sweatshirt

This handmade snuggly green sweatshirt is a great gift for fans who love to curl up and binge watch their favorite Marvel movies.

The sweatshirt has a full color heat press vinyl application print on the front.

The seller offers multiple color variations including white lettering, gold lettering on the green background, black lettering for sand, heather grey, and white backgrounds, white lettering on navy, maroon, and black backgrounds, and other custom orders when you contact them. 


If you have been looking for your own space stone to escape from Thanos, or your do-gooder brother, this is the perfect gift for you.

This handmade night light is made of acrylic and LED lights. The entire cube is waterproof which means that even if it gets wet, you can’t stop the amazing power it wields.

The cube is three inches in all dimensions so it’ll fit perfectly in the palm of your hand when you need something to light the way or help you make a quick getaway. 

Loki Glass

If you have a friend who wants to toast to their successful mischief, there are few better gifts than this etched glass. The seller offers a wide variety of glass sizes and shapes, all made with green glass and etched with the outline of Loki’s signature horned helmet.

You can choose from: shot glass, rocks glass, 12–16-ounce transparent glass, 12-16-ounce black glass, beer mug, or coffee mug. Your friends are sure to get a kick out of the mischievous god saluting their well-executed pranks. 

Loki Shoulder Bag

This Loungefly shoulder bag has its own golden horns so you don’t have to have helmet head to show off how much you love the god of mischief. It is made of embroidered faux leather with adjustable shoulder straps.

The straps can also be removed to carry the bag by its top strap. It’s a small bag at nine by ten inches, but it’s still big enough to hold the important things and keep you looking cute when you’re out and about.

Just make sure it isn’t so cute that someone might consider mischievously snatching your Loki bag when you aren’t looking. 

Loki Cosmetic Bag

Just because you’re burdened with glorious purpose doesn’t mean you can’t also be burdened with glorious makeup. This cute cosmetic bag or pencil holder shows a colored outline of Loki in his golden horned helmet and his signature phrase.

The whole bag is about ten inches long and has a convenient zipper so that you can keep everything stored together in one neat little pouch. 

Loki Clock

It’s always time for mischief with this Loki clock.

Made from the pieces of what appears to be a broken vinyl record, Loki stands tall on the side, raising his scepter to take over the world and claim his throne as the rightful god of Midgard.

The entire clock is about a foot in diameter and has a hook on the back so you can mount it anywhere in the house. 

Loki Chalice

For fans of the original Norse god Loki, this chalice depicts him in his original form, long before Stan Lee and the Marvel universe got ahold of him. It is made of resin with a removable steel insert inside for easy removal and washing.

The whole cup stands at just under seven inches tall and can hold about seven fluid ounces. The intricate designs on the outside are evocative of ancient Norse mythology and this cup makes a perfect addition to anyone’s collection. 

Loki Seat Covers

There aren’t too many ways to say how much you love a character than to have their theme and colors cover your car seats.

This set of two seat covers are bright green and feature a golden design inspired by Loki’s infamous horned helmet.

The covers are made of polyester which means they are strong, resistant to wear and tear, and easy to take on and off when it’s time for a good wash. They can go in the washing machine too. 

Marvel Villainous

This combination board and card game by Ravensburger incorporates not just Loki, but all of your favorite Marvel and Disney villains too. Rub your hands together and cackle with evil glee as you scheme and plot to defeat your rival villains and complete your objectives.

Each villain has different objectives, based on their stories, to win. This game is an expansion pack for the base game and brings three new villains into the mix, including Loki. 

Can you thwart Thor and reclaim the Asgardian throne for Loki? Or will you lose out to the mighty hammer Mjolnir? 

Low Key Sunglasses

The end of the list deserves a pun of epic proportions and we never miss a chance to score one. These shades are so cool that even Mr. Hiddleston himself would be jealous.

Besides protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare, they have Loki’s signature headpiece and horns coming out of the top in shiny gold so that you can get your trickster on without having to don a heavy cloak or the full Asgardian outfit.

Note that they are, unfortunately, only made for children so unless you have an incredibly small head, the likely won’t fit an adult. 

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