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The Penguin Cosrider : Collectible Figure by Hot Toys


Of all the Batman movies, Tim Burton’s second go at the franchise in Batman Returns remains the weirdest and most surreal entry. It is darker than your average Batman film, has way more going on, and of course has the near Shakespearean tragic villain in the Penguin. He just has one crazy backup plan after another hatched down in that sewer dungeon of his. So this vehicle and figure, with Penguin riding his majestic rubber ducky, is an irresistible piece capturing the spirit of that scene.

Batman Returns even earned a place on the list of 366 Weirdest Movies of All Time over at my other gig. Do you know how crazy a movie has to be to get respect over there? For further reading, this is yet another chance to plug my magnum opus Batman analysis piece.

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