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“Super Nicotino” SNES Parody Lighter

Super Nicotino Lighter, Nintendo Pardody (Open)

Super Nicotino, Nintendo Parody Lighter

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If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve probably spent most of your life wishing you could perform pyromancy spells in some shape or form (No? Thought that was everyone’s way of thinking). Well, wish no longer – it may not be the level of flame wield-ability you were hoping for, but it might just suffice until you can harness your true potential.

A Super Nintendo parody lighter, symbolizing your fiery love and passion for all things Nintendo… (cheesy and really reaching here). Maybe that was an example of trying to hard to make a connection here, but regardless, it looks really cool. Don’t search too deeply for meaning behind this one, if you like metal, fire and Nintendo, but not necessarily in that order, you may be tempted to pick one of these guys up. One for the collection, right?

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