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Street Fighter Collectibles That Are “Perfect!”

Fighting games are enjoying a renaissance right now, and are arguably as popular today as they’ve ever been. And every major rise in fighting game popularity has had Ryu and the rest of the World Warriors at its epicenter, ever since Street Fighter 2 popularized the genre in the arcade scene in 1991.

Whether you’ve been a fan of the Street Fighter series for over 30 years, you just jumped on board at SFV, or you’re just here for some Marvel vs. Capcom merch (don’t worry, we see you), here’s some can’t miss Street Fighter merch you will definitely want for your collection.

Character Select Posters


Few screens in video games are more iconic than the Street Fighter 2 character select screen. I bet you can hear the music already, can’t you?

You can get ALL 16 of these posters to arrange on your wall, but sorry, the world map isn’t included.

No Parking Tapestry


Sometimes you just need to let people know where they can and cannot park. And you COULD threaten them with being towed, but that’s not nearly as much fun as hearing them cry, “Oh, my car!”

Hang this wherever you might need a warning or a good laugh.

Ryu Ducky


I don’t know exactly who it was that decided that rubber duckies should cosplay, but they were CORRECT.

You could put a Ryu figure on your shelf, if you wanted to. Or you could float him IN YOUR BATHTUB with this Ryu rubber ducky from TUBBZ (also available in Zangief).

M. Bison Statue


Akuma is great and all, but let’s not lose sight of our original main villain M. Bison, whose Psycho Crusher in SF2 described not only his move, but what he did to our mental states when we tried to fight him.

This is a MASSIVE statue at a 1:3 scale ratio, comes with a base, several interchangeable parts, and LED light-up effects in both his eyes and the Psycho Power he’s charging in his left hand. Buying this statue may end up being one of the greatest days of your life… but for him? It’s Tuesday.

Puzzle Fighter Pins


You can’t talk about Street Fighter without also talking about Puzzle Fighter.

Okay, no, that’s not true, you TOTALLY can. But we’re not going to, because Puzzle Fighter is great. The unexpected, why-does-this-work-so-well puzzle game spinoff to the franchise has fun chibi-style art for some of your favorite characters, and these buttons are here to remind you exactly how annoying Dan can be.

Marvel vs. Capcom Banner


Marvel vs. Capcom isn’t technically the same series as Street Fighter, but there’s more than enough overlap for it to belong here.

MvC is a fighting game institution, even if rights management have made the series a frustrating one to follow, and at 3×5 feet, this massive banner will leave no doubt as to exactly how you feel about it.

Ken Abstract Palette Knife Art


Because Ryu isn’t the only one who can throw out a shoryuken, here’s eternal rival and noted family man Ken Masters in the middle of one of the best-known moves in fighting games.

The palette knife painting keeps an unfocused, abstract look to the piece, but if you know the game, there is absolutely no doubt as to what you’re looking at. And if Ken isn’t your favorite, just contact the artist  – he can apparently do any subject on any surface in any size.

Akuma Ultimate Statue


When they say “Ultimate,” they are NOT joking. Not only is this a massive, LED-lit 1:4 scale model figure of Akuma, but it also comes with a TON of interchangeable parts. Different heads, torsos, legs, hands, clothing, all matching up with Akuma’s different looks throughout the Street Fighter franchise, and complete with different LED effects.

They’ve even got STANDS to show off the parts you’re NOT using!

If you’re going to buy an Akuma figure, why not buy the one that is ALL the Akuma figures in ONE? I mean, this actually has enough parts to be TWO DIFFERENT figures.

Street Fighter Shoes


Realistically, if you’re one of the characters in Street Fighter, chances are you’re not actually wearing shoes.

But, if you’re just someone who likes Street Fighter, you can wear these with just about the entire extended cast adorning the sides. Or you can not wear them, and just stare at them for a while, ‘cause they look nice.

Chun Li Print


If you’re a long-time fan of Street Fighter, there’s a decent chance you’ve developed an appreciation for Chun Li’s thighs that borders on obsession.

And if not, then, well, there’s never a bad time to start! This fanart print on card stock is affordable, but you’ll probably want to grab a frame to put it in as well, so make sure you check the dimensions.

Hadoken Perler


We were not going to get out of this without putting at least ONE thing up there showing a Hadoken. Perler art is pretty common now, especially given how well it lends itself to pixel art, but it’s still really cool to see.

And really, if you just want a T-shirt with a Ryu doing a Hadoken, you can basically find that anywhere now. You don’t need our help for it.

Guile Statue


Here’s PCS Collectibles hitting us with one of the most recognizable hairstyles in all of video games. This classic design is a 1:4 scale model of the original American World Warrior, and much like his theme, he goes with everything.

Ryu & Ken Drinking Glasses


Nothing says “class” like Ryu and Ken cancelling out each other’s projectiles. Well, except maybe anything Karin does.

You can fill these glasses with whatever kind of drink you want, but just be warned. Even if you drink at the same time with a friend, unlike projectiles, the effects of the drink will NOT cancel each other out.

Vega Mask


One of the great things about wearing a mask around lately is that you have a new place to show off your geek cred.

If you’re gonna wear a mask anyway, why not rep the character that’s always wearing a mask just because it’s cool?

Character Busts


The degree of customization on these things is off the charts. Not only can you choose between 12 different characters, from Ibuki to Sagat, but you can get them with or without the base, AND you can customize the SIZE of the bust, from 50 to 120 millimeters tall.

They may not be the biggest figures, but they’re affordable, and that means you can get a bunch of them. They don’t have to just stay on the shelf, either – grab a bunch and use them in your next board game session, whatever you want!

Evo Moment #37 Shadowbox


If you know, you know. If you don’t, let me set the scene.

The year is 2004. The Evolution Championship Series (better known as simply “Evo”) is underway in Pomona, California, and two absolutely legends of competitive Street Fighter play are battling it out in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Daigo “The Beast” Umehara is at a serious disadvantage in the deciding round of the first match against Justin Wong, with Umehara’s Ken down to a single pixel of health. Wong, knowing that he can take the match with even just the tiniest bit of chip damage, fires off a raw super – Chun Li’s Hoyosuken, a rapid-fire flurry of kicks. If even one kick hits Umehara’s block, the first set goes to Wong.

The words “Let’s go, Justin!” are heard from the crowd as Chun Li slides in to begin her attack. Ken parries the attack – a high-risk, extremely precise maneuver that prevents chip damage in exchange for executing the move with perfect timing.

Then he parries again. Parry. Parry. Parry.

Parry. PARRY.

Raucous cheers erupt from the crowd as Umehara proceeds to parry 15 consecutive kicks, negating the entire super, then using the advantage to land his own round-winning combo.

And so the “Daigo Parry,” the most iconic moment in competitive fighting game history, was born. And with this shadowbox, you can own that most iconic of moments, frozen in time.

There is no end to the kind of merch you can get to rep your Street Fighter love. We didn’t even TOUCH on the customizable arcade cabinet scene, because that’s a whole other THING.

But this should, if nothing else, get you STARTED with decking out your place with merch that will make your FGC friends ask where you got it and if they can get one too. Whether you TELL them or not is up to you. It can be our secret.

That being said… uh, DO share the article. It helps.