Let’s leave the cute toy shelf figurines behind – you’re not a real Star Wars fan until you have a full-scale lifesize Boba Fett.



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So how big a Star Wars fan are you? Do you have a life sized, full scale, Boba Fett replica lurking in your back yard? Well why not? Just think of how majestic he will look with common neighborhood birds roosting on his shoulder. He’s standing on a circular pedestal for easy mowing around him. You could always have him indoors, of course. He’s already posed to make a regal towel rack or coat hanger. He’s even pointing, “THAT way to the Rebel base!” But he could also be saying “Before you leave, did you remember to turn off the stove?” He can also point your visiting friends to the game den. “Yeah, it’s down the hall and follow Boba Fett!”

This is an epic acquisition whether you’re an old-school Star Wars fan or a new-school Mandalorian fan. If you’re the latter, be sure to check out our whole post we did on Baby Yoda!

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