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SpaceX Dinosaur Toy Tremor


In the past few weeks of early summer 2020, there has been only one damn thing that has gone right: SpaceX launched its first manned mission to the ISS. And by surprise, the crew had a “stowaway”: a shiny dinosaur plushie which one astronaut’s son had him bring along. The dinosaur’s name is “Tremor,” which is a darn fine name for a dino if you ask us.

Well, what do you suppose we have right here, huh? Yes, the exact same make and model of the world’s current most famous stuffed toy. Own your own Tremor to remind yourself that even in the middle of chaos, one person’s dream can soar above it all. This is the only inspirational moment you’re allowed in the cursed year of 2020, better make the best of it!

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