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Sonic the Hedgehog Sneaker Pendant Necklace

Sonic the Hedgehog Pendant Necklace

Sonic's Sneakers Pendant - ExclusiveSonic the Hedgehog Pendant Necklace

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“Green Hill Zone: Act 1”

Those are the words forever etched into our brains; a moment that was the beginning of something special, something memorable, something… frustrating.

Whether you broke multiple controllers trekking through the 16-bit Sonic universe, or simply breezed through casually (you are gifted, clearly), it’s hard to debate the impact this entry had on video game history.

With that, to commemorate our little blue hedgehog, a two-tone stainless steel pendant necklace, courtesy of the folks over at ThinkGeek – maybe they make you more aerodynamic? There’s clearly something special about those shoes.

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