Which Roller Coaster Tycoon guest mood are you today? Angry, Happy, Barfy, Sleepy, or the Karen demanding to talk to the manager again?

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So we have five characteristic faces from the guests in the classic PC game Roller Coaster Tycoon. And then somebody had the brilliant idea to put them on buttons. These are little “punk” style buttons you can pin onto a jacket, tote, hat, whatever to add a bit of flair. Why not use them to convey to your boss how you feel about coming in to work today?

We don’t know if the RTC guest moods have their own names. We’d guess they’d be something like “Angry, Happy, Barfy, Sleepy, and Karen.” It’s the green-faced sick guy who gets our blood pressure spiked, always barfing on the paths for the janitor to clean up. We know some people have a low tolerance for nausea, but he just stepped off the Merry-Go-Round, come on!

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