Celebrate the 35th aniversary of Back to the Future with this Playmobil set, complete with your own time-traveling DeLorean. Please time travel responsibly.


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Great Scott! Are we really going to post Playmobil merch on here right alongside the Legos? Well why not. Geeks have kids like anybody else, you know, at least when they’re on Pon Farr if nothing else. This set pays tribute to the classic sci-fi TV series with its own DeLorean – a car nobody would remember today if it wasn’t picked willy-nilly for the honor of being in this movie.

The Back to the Future franchise celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2020 this summer. It has aged like a fine wine if Internet memes are anything to go by. While you’re here, be sure to revisit other movies in our list of noteworthy time travel sci-fi flicks.

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