The popular plague doctor mask of the Dark Ages is making a comeback! Comes in handy for steampunk cosplay or just being creepy. Wear it to work!


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For some peculiar reason we can’t quite put our finger on, these Dark Ages plague doctor masks have been just a-flyin’ off the shelves in the early half of 2020. Now why could that be? Is there a big Shie Hassaikai sub-fandom within My Hero Academia? Was Robert Downey, Jr.’s role in Restoration that big a hit?

Whatever the baffling reason for this phenomenon, people in the UK have taken to trotting about their business wearing this stuff. We should add that the canonical way to use this is to stuff the beak with sweet-smelling essential oil flowers such as lavender and chamomile, which might help with warding off germs (small chance) or at least keep you from gagging over the odor of the dead when you have to collect a ripe one (bigger chance).

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