This padded dock cover for the Nintendo Switch is decorated with a stained glass triptych of Link in his adventures from The Legend of Zelda. How cool!


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Sometimes when we’re curating the finest in geeky collectibles here, we run across somethign that breaks our stride because it is just THAT COOL! Maybe you’re not hurting for a cover for your Nintendo Switch dock right on this particular day. But regardless, you definitely get a stained glass rendering of Link in a triptych from The Legend of Zelda franchise.

You might have claimed to be a big Zelda fan before. But this takes Zelda to near-worship. This artwork is stunning, calling you back to study it. See Link’s heroic deeds of daring! The only thing missing is a bard singing of his epic adventures. If you own anything to pay tribute to the Legend of Zelda franchise, you want this (nicer if you actually have a Nintendo Switch though).

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