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You can never have enough gamer gear in your home.

Video game collectibles made by fans for fans tend to be more accurate and more enjoyable than the standard things sold at your local Target.

But finding those things can be hard, especially if you don’t know that you need it in your life.

We’ve got you covered!

We scoured Etsy for the best shops with fantastic video game merchandise to get your nerd fix on.

A lot of the shops in the list below feature more than one type of item, but we wanted to show you a vast world of what is out there.

Check out their shops to discover their other items!



Akujinsco sells a fantastic selection of eyewear in a variety of vibrant colors.

These glasses are the perfect final touch to your favorite “cheeky” cosplay or going on an undercover mission to convince someone to have a change of heart.

Some of their glasses are part of an interchangeable line, so you can swap out the arms to mix and match your colors.

They have glasses made from both plastic cut parts as well as 3D printed materials.


Frame shopping can be a chore. Trying to find a style that fits your face, finding a color or style that you’d be happy to wear every single day… and it’s hard to find anything video game related.

These hand painted frames allow you to have prescription lenses fitted into, as well as sunglasses. Complete your headgear with comfortable matching headphones that have some amazingly detailed designs on them.

All frame and headphone specs are listed in the descriptions, so you know exactly what you’re getting.


You can never have too many bow ties. Bow ties are cool, and your Doctor agrees.

DapperOnArrival has a wide variety of bow ties to choose from, and they’re available in both pre-tied and self-tied, so you don’t even have to know how to work one of those things.

Just because there’s nowhere to go right now doesn’t mean you can’t be dapper in your own house, or at the grocery store.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for all those Roaring 20’s parties that will eventually happen.


You’ve gotta wear a mask these days, we all know that. But what’s the harm in wearing a mask over THAT mask?

Phoenix3Dcraft has two different 3D printed Scorpion masks, smoothed down, painted, and ready to wear.

Is Sub-Zero waiting in the freezer aisle, or waiting for you outside to finish dinner? Probably not, but you can still be battle-ready with these masks.

Note: these masks are, of course, not medical grade, and are for decorative purposes only. (the MKX version has EMPTY SPACES, for cripe’s sake!)

Books and Prints


MultiverseBooks has an assortment of books and prints that show you the anatomy and behaviors of fantastical creatures.

Think biology book, but about a hundred times more exciting.

These are the perfect coffee table books and posters for anyone who’s ever wondered just how short Yoshi’s tail really is.

Is Cubone’s skull really shaped like the one it wears? Only one way to find out!


One of the best things about being an adult is getting to eat what you want. And if you want to eat like you live in Hyrule, there’s only one thing stopping you: you need the cookbook.

The standard edition comes with 195 recipes, and the Master Edition has over 200. And yes – there’s also vegan and gluten free meals to make.

And in case you find yourself in Hyrule, they give you the ingredients to make it there, too.


These glossy 2.5-3.5” stickers aren’t a substitute for getting your Kanto region badges, but you can display them a bit easier.

Stick them on your laptop, your console, your walls, your binders, your cat. Okay, not the cat – that’s both a waste of a good sticker and it’s going to make him/her really annoyed with you.

They also carry a set of 8-bit video game stickers for those that aren’t quite Pokémon masters yet.


If you need to remember how to make a steel dagger or remember the description of a noonwraith, in case you’re unfortunate enough to come across one, these scrolls are a useful reminder.

These documents are great for displaying in your home or as that final added touch to your cosplay. Searching for ingredients for a potion of resist magic is much easier when you have the recipe right in front of you.

Scented Goodness


These handmade soy candles, melts, and chap sticks are inspired by your favorite video games, movies, and TV shows.

I will be the first of us to admit it – when I was kid, I wanted to share a paopu fruit with my best friend. Connected together, no matter how far away we were.

Sure, it looks like starfruit, but it’s gotta be completely different, right? The magic of the fruit must have made it taste different.

Bubbleandgeek says that their paopu fruit smells and tastes like star fruit, coconut, pineapple, and other tropical fruits.

Finally understand the wonders of the Destiny Islands when you smell these candles and chap sticks.


Wash your hands!! You’ve gotta do it, and these days, you’re probably washing up more frequently than you used to.

Well, you should be, anyways…

TheMagesEmporium sells some fantastic smelling soaps (you can request colors and scents) that will be the most used decoration you’ll ever own.

Get clean while simulating gaming or collecting coins. Just don’t eat the mushroom – it might help Mario, but it’s going to taste really bad.

“But what about when the designs are gone?” — Well, it’s just an excuse to finish off the bar so you can order some more!


If you’re a fan of baths, these are the bomb (sorry).

These bath bombs smell amazing, and have a long list of benefits, like soothing sunburn, skin moisturizing, and magnesium-based calming.

A lot of their bath bombs come with a surprise inside, like a charm or a Pokémon, so you get a reward for rewarding yourself!

Enamel Pins and Other Tiny Collectibles


The lanyards they hand out at the conventions are, generally, not the best.

We get it – it’s just something to put your badge on that they can buy in bulk to make sure everyone is easily able to display their badge.

For some more flair, you can always bring your own, and even carry one regularly when you’re not at a show.

These lanyards come in bulk with different designs on them, so you can choose when to wear which one, and gift them to your friends, too.


Your lanyards and bags are lacking something. They’re just not shiny enough!

PinDreams can help you fix that, and make sure that your fandoms are always on display.

Remember the good old days? Where kids rode bikes and played with sticks and you… okay, you were inside, getting good enough at Metroid to unlock the scene where you found out Samus Aran is a girl…

These high quality pins are a great way to show off your favorite video games every single day.


There are some things that every functioning adult needs: a wallet, keychain, decently sized flash drive, and a custom gaming mouse.

Fine, that last one is “less” of a necessity, but it’s nice to have.

GamerGiftsCo has small gifts that will leave a big impact with any gamer friend in your life. While you’re picking out some things for your friends, don’t forget to grab some goodies yourself.

You can get everything wrapped before it gets to you, too.


If you’re into tabletop gaming, there’s a good chance you’ve got mini figs and a few sets of die lying around.

But it’s never enough. Never.

3DTableTopWizard has an incredible selection of figurines, and they’ve even added Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer to their collection!

All figurines are 3D printed with high quality resin and are ready for you to paint them.

Don’t want to paint? They can do that, too – just give them a few more days.


No one really gives cards anymore. They’re impersonal, the writings are cliché, and they just sit in the bottom of shoebox once you’ve taken the money out of it (read: you toss it and SAY it’s in a shoebox somewhere).

These cards are blank inside so you can add more of your own puns or glue a few rupees inside, and are far more likely to be saved by your loved ones than the less pun-ny ones.



I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that you don’t have to collect and piece together this Triforce.

The bad news is you can’t punch that question mark. It will burn from the light bulb and hurt from the whole, you punching it thing.

theBKPKshop has an assortment of beautiful handmade lamps that can sit on your bedside table, attached to the wall, or even be hung from the ceiling (kits for ceiling hanging are included for the ones that can).


These backlit wooden signs draw your eye to them, wherever it is in the room.

These signs hang just one inch off of the wall, so they won’t take up space and you won’t accidentally run into them.

You can request a different string of lights if you like, for further customization.

Wood Crafts


Senpai3D sells a lot of 3D printed display sets, weapons, and console accessories, but we wanted to feature these laser cut wood maps.

Look at the detail on those!

Not only can you get an accurate rendition of your favorite RPG map, but you can choose from an assortment of stains (you can even request a color that isn’t offered!) to really to match any decorating style.

Multiple layers of wood make these maps pop right off the wall.


If you need an excuse to have a piece of 8bit art the height of your forearm hanging on the wall, welcome to your new living room clock!

Each piece, ranging from 6.5” to 12” tall, is laser cut on Baltic Birch wood and painted with an air brush, giving these classic characters vibrant colors that will pop on any wall.

They’re all pretty cool, though, but you probably don’t need that many clocks.

That’s why you can get all of their designs with or without the clock parts, and they all come ready to hang on the wall.


These hand burned boxes come in several sizes, are large enough to store a deck of cards in and then some, and small enough to just accent your style.

If we’re being honest with each other, that box could stay empty forever and you’d still be just as happy to have it in your possession.

FreakArtisan is a fantastic pyrographer, who can get even the smallest details burned in without losing the design to scorch marks, which means you get a perfectly detailed keepsake that you’ll always cherish.


All you need to have ready when your crossbow shows up is a screwdriver so you can assemble it.

It comes with little rockets to shoot at your targets, ready to go. But if you’d rather get to the shooting part faster, they also have rubber band guns ready to aim.

For target practice, you have your choice of video game and sci-fi targets, including Pokémon, Space Invaders, and Fortnite.

Challenge your friends to see who’s the best shooter around – loser buys pizza.


When suits rule the day, there’s not much you can do to show off a little of who you are.

These wooden pieces are subtle and professional, so you can ditch the boring metal clips and be a little more you, whether you’re in a business meeting or at a wedding.

And if you’re hosting the party, this wine tool set will let everyone know you’re serious about your wine, and your hobbies.

For The Romantics


What better way to tell them that you want them to always be your healer, the Zelda to your Link, your player two, than with a custom engagement ring that will keep their love of you and their favorite game close to their heart?

These handmade sterling silver rings are embedded with beautiful gemstones and simulated gems to create stunning pieces that will help you get that “yes!”

And for your special day, they also have necklaces and hair pieces to help complete your perfect look.


Now that you’ve acquired the perfect ring, you need something to present it in.

Sure, you could use a standard box with the loud shut, or you could get one of these sturdy, handmade wooden boxes with your sentiments on the top of it.

These boxes are 2” wide, which makes it the right size for any pocket you need to hide it in until that perfect moment.

You can also choose to have the inside hollowed out to use as a keepsake box.


ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: It’s A Nice Day For A Gamer Wedding.

The topper on your cake is a keepsake for the pair of you, and a symbol of who you are as a couple, so shouldn’t it represent you more than a tux or a white gown over a Barbie?

These laser cut acrylic and wood toppers come in different styles and colors and are customized with the information about your day.



Let everyone know what your favorite console is with necklaces, rings, and earrings with Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo controllers.

Each of these acrylic pieces are attached to the wearable with silvertone – and the rings are fully adjustable!

Show off your love of shooting zombies in Raccoon City with their charm heavy stainless steel bracelet.

Just keep it quiet when you’re walking through the city or they might hear you.


Regardless of your race or caste, you can still pop by Orzammar and pick up a piece of fine dwarven jewelry/ If you’re searching for a rejuvenation elixir, just pop into any town in Azeroth.

Or, just to make things simpler for you, you can pick up any jewelry your may want to equip from this shop.

I’m pretty sure the shipping costs way less than sending it from Yharnam. No matter the stats you need to equip, you can find something here.


These aluminum rings and cuff links are hand stamped and made with Pure1100 Aluminum, which won’t tarnish and doesn’t have the common elements that cause skin problems.

Subtly display your fandom every day, and the cuff links make great groomsmen gifts.

In addition to the images on each piece, you can choose to customize the text in not just lettering, but the font as well – perfect customization for every event.



If you like crafting things yourself, ChocoCocoStitch has some amazing cross stitch patterns for download.

These designs will spruce up any room in your home as framed art, pillow cases, hand towels, and anything in between!

Plenty of these patterns use less than 20 colors, so they’re great patterns for you to learn a new hobby, too.

With easy to read PDF files, the only thing you really need to start these projects is some of your gaming time. (I’m sorry!)


For those of you that are skilled with a crochet hook, these patterns are for you.

LevelUpNerdAlert offers patterns for blankets, gloves, hats, and even coasters of Pokémon walking away from you.

If you haven’t crocheted that much before, the blanket and hat are the best starting patterns – circles can be an absolute pain to do if you’re still learning.


The final touch on any plushie you make is the eyes.

If the eyes aren’t right, then everything looks like that one Ditto that couldn’t figure out faces.

This is the time to pull out your embroidery machine and use these patterns to make accurate eyes for your stuffed friends.

And if you need the patterns to make the plush itself, they’ve got you covered there, too.


In the world of cosplay creation, you are never alone. But sometimes, when you’re trying to create armor, it definitely feels like it.

Fortunately, ChiblingProps has done all of the hard work for you – just add water (note: don’t add water).

With these ready to download PDFs, all you need is a few good craft knife blades, EVA foam, and some paint to begin your preparations into becoming a Monster Hunter. Stride down the show floor with ease, knowing that you look like a badass.


Need something else to run through your 3D printer? Of course you do! Just watching that machine at work is worth it.

KoumoriProps has 3D printing files so that you can print out to-scale weapons from your favorite games and shows.

These are great for you next cosplay, or just to have around the house.


No one who has ever said, “don’t play with your food” is any fun.

Plain round cookies are boring, and the good ones (the big ones) don’t fit in your glass of milk, and cookies without milk is a crime.

These cookie cutters will get you excited about decorating your cookies AND dunking them. Just try to catch all the crumbs!

On the Wall


This is your one stop shop for metal and wood signs, as well as wall decals for a more permanent effect.

Remind yourself what happens when you wander from GLaDOS’ test, or remind other people what happens when you gaming session is interrupted.

You have a choice of size and material, so that you can fit your sign on any door or wall you choose.


There’s one wall in your house right now that’s looking a little bare. You’re thinking about it right now, you know the one.

Now turn towards it and glare a little bit.

Now come back to me and get these wall pieces.

Slap one of them on that wall you were just staring at, and put the other in some random other place in your house.

Your kitchen ceiling, for example.

If that seems like too much of a stretch, I’d personally recommend the inside of your closet. Keep your friends searching for a while – the winner gets to choose the next game.


These shadow box dioramas make your favorite 8-bit classic video games pop and send you down memory lane.

Some of these boxes allow you to actually return to those memories, since part of its design is to hold your copy of that NES or SNES game.

The game that comes in the box is a fake labeled game, which is great for display purposes if you’ve lost your copy.

For Your Home


Add a subtle gamer touch to your rooms with wall plates and door knobs, or use them to complete a fully themed room.

The knobs are made with ABS plastic, and everything they sell comes with the hardware to easily switch out your boring, plain pieces.

They have wall plates to fit your plugs and both single and double switch plates, so you can use these in every room in your house.


Whether you’ve got a LAN party going on or a campaign happening in your dining room, your friends are going to need drinks, and somewhere to put them where they’re not going to damage any of the paper goods or the tables.

Having coasters available that won’t wear down quickly from condensation means less time worrying about paper towels and more time gaming.

They even do custom coasters if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


Your gaming/living room needs a table. You need a spot for your drinks, remotes, game guides, etc.

If a coffee table is just too much for the size of your room, these side tables are a great alternative and have extra storage space underneath, which, for small spaces, is invaluable.

Get a pair of them so you and your player two can both access them from opposite sides of the couch.


The crafters over at ForeverWars are HUGE Star Wars fans.

In fact, most of their items are Star Wars themed. But they also have *tada* these rad Legend of Zelda shower curtains.

Make your guests jealous when they use your bathroom. Usually nobody likes to talk about the bathroom, but this catching centerpiece is a guaranteed conversation starter.


ToyTock carries single character rectangular Mario bath mats and Kingdom Hearts-inspired Eeveelution rugs.

All of their rugs and mats are high quality and can handle frequent traffic, and their bath mats are mildew resistant and non-skid, so you don’t have to worry about your rug trying to escape as you hop out of the shower.


Winter is coming. And by that, I mean it’s time to gear up with a ton of soft, warm blankets.

These queen sized blankets are perfect for snuggling up with someone… or you can tell them to get their own and turn yourself into Heartless burrito.

And when it becomes too hot outside to cover yourself in comfy fleece, fold it over the back of your living room couch and now you have an accent piece.

For Your Kitchen


Sand blasted glasses are a great addition to your mugs and cups, and also for telling whose glass is whose – no more accidentally drinking your sister’s root beer when you were hoping for Coke.

They etch small shot glasses, whiskey glasses, beer mugs, and so much more, and you can get them customized, too.

They carry a lot of dungeon party glasses as well, so everyone in your campaign can have their own glass while you’re on your adventures.


Oven mitts are a necessity in any home, even if you’re not big on cooking (looking at you, dino chicken nuggets).

These oven mitts are soft and durable, which makes for easy washing. The colors and designs stay vibrant, so you can use them for years to come.

And since you’ll want to show off these bad boys even when you’re not cooking dinner, a light screw hook in the wall next to your oven give you easy access to your mitts.


I am a messy cook. Especially when dealing with flour and spices, there’s a 99% chance I’m getting it all over me.

Sure, you might not care if you get flour all over you, but do you want it all over your dining room? Your living room?

Grab one of these print aprons and never worry about having to change clothes before dinner, which is taunting fate because you can smell it, and you’re leaving the food to the will of your pets, who want that delicious food just as much as you do.


A good cutting board is a staple in any kitchen. A video game themed cutting board is a staple in any gamer’s kitchen.

These huge cutting boards will give you enough space to cut up anything you need to, and is a great conversation piece.

You have a choice of different woods for the main piece and the inlays, and you can even customize the words if you want, and if they’re inlaid or etched in.



Make your dog the luckiest heckin’ boi on the whole block. DogHairINCluded sells accessories for your dog – everything from collars and leashes to dog treats and poop bag holders.

The other dogs probably won’t be jealous, because, well, they’re not paying that much attention to the things ATTACHED to their friend, but at least you’ll be able to keep a hold on your pup with the sturdy leash while he tries to run across the street for some butt sniffs.


If your itty bitty kitty loses his absolute mind over catnip and all things noisy, then you know that you need something sturdy for them to gnaw on.

Those fabric toys get torn to shreds as your cat pulls those threads out to get at the goodies inside, and the sprays don’t last nearly long enough for kitty to get her fix.

These toys are made tightly so that your cat can get at the goodies while giving the toys a longer life span.

They are made with catnip, crinklies, and bells, so your cat can have her choice of entertainment. Ferrets love them, too!


Almost nothing is scarier than when you pet runs off without you.

These customizable metal pet tags are sealed with resin to guarantee that your pet’s name and your phone number don’t fade, which means that when your friendly neighbor finds them, they won’t misread the number, and you can be reunited quickly.

For Your Game Gear



Some luckier kids had a limited edition one like the Pokémon yellow version and Donkey Kong Land gold, but most of us had the gray one or the transparent one.

Gamechangermods custom prints each shell after adding a Bivert chip for better screen resolution than you remember. You can even choose your own design.

And if you still need more convincing? Each refurbished Gameboy comes with a free game.


If you remember having to blow into the cartridge over and over again to get a game to work, then these cases are for you.

Cartridge games are a little harder to store without fear of dust, unless you’re one of those that has meticulously kept every single case that your games have come in.

The acrylic boxes store and display your games while protecting the tech bits, and they carry game wallets that hold your handheld as well as a few games for easy carrying.


If you need storage for your newer game consoles, ROC3DStudio has everything you need.

These 3D printed storage cases are designed with the cartridge or disc case in mind, so your games are safe and stored in an elegantly designed box.

Since these boxes are printed when you order them, you get to choose from their 16 colors, one for each color shown in their sample.

They make controller stands, too, so everything can be stored together with matching gear.


For the PC gamer on the go, you know how important it is to keep your gear safe.

Everyone’s had that one time (or 40 times) that you’ve accidentally hit your bag on the edge of the wall when you turn a corner or your bag just slips off your shoulder.

The first thing you think is, “Dangit! Hope my laptop’s okay.”

SewninTN creates padded laptop sleeves with zippers for your charger and for extra protection, in case you’re the type who pulls the case out with the opening facing downwards.


Add a little flair to your mechanical keyboard with these 3D keycaps.

Even the caps with larger protruding pieces are sturdy enough to be pressed without any bending, and if you ever want to switch them out, they come with a keycap puller for ease of use.

Some of them can even use your keyboard’s own light to glow from below the design, to really help them stand out.


If you’re constantly misplacing your gear, these hands and heads are going to be a brain saver.

What more logical place is there for your controllers than in a hand, and your headphones on a head?

These pieces have been designed with adults in mind, so your gear will be displayed in a place where you’ll know exactly where they are, and they won’t slip off, either.

Playstation and Xbox controllers are slightly different, enough that it could make or break the hand – which is why you can adjust the fingers a bit for the best fit for your controller.


These tilt grips for your Switch will make long gaming sessions more comfortable.

At a 15 degree angle, it’s much easier to see the screen while your wrists rest at a more comfortable angle.

It also has a kickstand for the console so that you can sit it upright when you’re not playing, which will be less often when you’re this comfortable.

Game Immersion


Not living in the apocalypse of your dreams? Us, either. Fortunately, PropsEtcetera can help you feel at least a little bit more at Vault.

The weathering on the items makes you feel like you really found these items in an abandoned grocery store that’s been hit by nuclear fallout, raided, and then left to the elements.

Now if only we could get our hands on some Nuka Cola, and this timeline might not be so bad.


Being prepared is the only way to survive Raccoon City and some of your coworkers. You know who we’re talking about – the ones that, for some reason, don’t really understand what six feet away means.

These items will come in handy for those quick sanitation situations.

This Resident Evil shop has game-inspired sanitizers and pens, so you can always be ready to wash your hands, and you’ll never have to borrow someone else’s pen again – you don’t know where that’s been, do you really want to find out?



The three biggest hurdles with having a multi-piece cosplay is accuracy, skill, and time.

If you’re like me, you have big cosplay dreams. If you’re even more like me, you have no time to get it done, and have been Doctor Who for the last six cons because you own a suit and a tan raincoat.

ShopCosplayCostume has a team of creators that create everything only AFTER you order – that’s because they use your measurements to create ready-to-wear cosplays.

This kind of craftsmanship takes time, so make sure to order about a month and a half beforehand to give you plenty of time to prepare for the show.


It’s fun getting called out at a convention because someone else recognizes your cosplay.

It’s equally as frustrating getting called the wrong thing because your cosplay is similar to one that they do recognize (I’m looking at you, high school-based JRPGs).

These ID badges will help identify you in a crowd of suited agents and students, and they can easily hang with your con badge if you don’t want the clip to pinch your fabric.

3D Fun


They may not be able to use their abilities in this battle, but you can still battle Pokémon types against each other in this customized 3D printed chess set.

You can choose which teams offered you want to set up with each other – and then you can even choose their colors, so you can really create a set that you’ll love to play with.

Create an added element by having Pokémon battles to determine who loses their piece.

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