Original Donkey Kong Nintendo Tshirt

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Before there was King K. Rool, before there was Diddy Kong, Dixie, Kiddy, there was the original King Kong imposter. Better known by his name, Donkey Kong.

There are a lot of question as to whether this is the same Donkey Kong we came to know and love once he got his own adventure series on later consoles, but the roots and origination is all the same. It’s fair to say that the Donkey Kong of later generations was much more virtuous than the one we saw back in the original. Stealing princesses, for crying out loud.

Regardless, a picture worth a thousand words, or rolling barrels in this case. A shirt for true Donkey Kong die-hards. Mario fans too, for that matter.

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  • Printed in the United States
  • Made with eco-friendly inks
  • As crudely pixelated as the original