Billy, Jigsaw’s doll from the Saw horror movie franchise, is movie-prop-sized and talks. You can get it now, or you can go on in life haunted by its memory.



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We write a lot about games on this website, and here you are! That must mean you like to play games, doesn’t it? Good, because Billy the Saw doll wants to play one: All your life, you’ve been searching for the perfect accessory to scare the living daylights out of your roommates, coworkers, significant other, kids, and mailman. Now is your chance.

You can part with some money and own this cursed Jigsaw doll from the Saw horror movie franchise forever, or you can pocket your money and continue in life not knowing where the doll is. Never knowing when it may appear to you again, possibly under less comfortable circumstances. The timer is running. Make your choice.

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