You’d have to be a monkey’s uncle not to go bananas over this Donkey Kong plushie from the classic hit Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country!


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It’s not that the Mario franchise was getting played out by the mid-90s, it’s just that he’d forgotten his origins. Nobody expected Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country, which is why it took the world by storm. We’d never seen graphics this amazing for a platformer, nor environments this vivid. When we saw the sky gradually turn from afternoon to twilight as we made it to the end of the first level, that was amazing.

Which was your favorite music theme from this game? “Aquatic Ambiance,” “Bad Boss Boogie,” or “Treetop Rock”? It was some of the best music we’d heard coming out of a Nintendo cartridge. So now you have your very own Donkey Kong plush in his Nintendo console comeback, sporting a distinguished tie. May he inspire you to explore every secret area and always grasp for the highest bananas!

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