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Offensive Video Games 2 : Bad Games For Bad People


The last time we looked at controversial video games doesn’t feel like we did the topic justice. There are these games that shoot to the top of everyone’s “most offensive” list that, in retrospect, maybe aren’t as guilty today (though some still are). All of them were testing the boundaries of what could be allowed in video games. We had to get those out of the way first. We also looked at violent games with an out-of-proportion backlash.

But this time, we’re visiting games that know damn good and well where the line is, and cross it on purpose. We will stamp a big ol’ [TRIGGER WARNING] on it this time, because we’re going to examine the depths of bad taste and scummy game designers. Your buttons will be pushed unless you keep this bit of Zen in mind: You can melt away these terrible realms simply by holding on to your reaction. Don’t feed the troll, and the troll will starve.

Myself, whenever I see movies, games, or Internet stuff deliberately designed to shock, my reactions span from (1) how juvenile, to (2) yawn, I’ve seen worse anyway. Take a little dose once in awhile to build up your tolerance, and you too can fight back with the dagger that spears the heart of the most outrageous provocateur: “Is that all you’ve got?”

No really, [TRIGGER WARNING], this is vile crap. No more consideration will be made for your feelings from here on down. Rated “M” for “What kind of Monster likes this stuff?” On a side note, we’re only including full games here, not just some dippy 4chan kid releasing a mod for Doom.

Agony (2018)

To think that a game can be released in 2018 and still draw howls of outrage, goes to show that there’s plenty more room where we can push for controversy. But Agony managed to pull it off! Agony is a first-person dark fantasy survival-horror which starts you off as a player in literal Hell with the mission to escape, released for Windows, PS4, and XBox One. I can hear you saying “Big deal, is that all?” Hell has been an adored domain in gaming since the first Doom on down through like half the action games out there. We just reviewed Helltaker where you not only visit hell but seduce demon girls there.

So what’s the big deal? Agony is rendered showing an all-too-convincing vision of Hell, with a gameplay experience to match. But remember, nobody said Hell is pretty! The game mechanics mostly earn it a 37 rating on Metacritic, while this critic points out that the hysterical gore splattered everywhere desensitizes you really fast. It’s dark, muddy, grim, and unpleasant, just like a real Hell. This is a great example of gory shock tactics that just come off as trying too hard.

Yandere Simulator (2020)

As we all know, “yandere” is the Japanese word meaning roughly “crazy lovesick girl,” the Asian equivalent of Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction. Yandere Simulator flips the Japanese dating sim genre on its head by giving us a true yandere, who is out to not just compete with the rivals for her crush’s affection, but kill off those bitches one by one. Yandere Simulator lets you off your rivals via kidnapping, electrocution, burning, drowning, bludgeoning them with a baseball bat, chopping them up with a circular saw, and even throwing in some torture on the side.

The game’s only out in demo form so far, with a full release scheduled this year. Nevertheless, it’s been banned on Twitch, for depicting “juvenile delinquency” plus some racy nakedness for a bunch of high schoolers. And I’m sorry, but I have to side with the game this time! I don’t consider Yandere Simulator to be that bad, mostly because I loathe the dating sim genre and like seeing it get its comeuppance. If you take out the high school factor, there isn’t that much going on that you can’t do in Grand Theft Auto. They’re not Mortal Kombat kills or anything. I would object on the grounds of depicting underage heinies, but we all know that the entire dating sim genre let that cat out of the bag several cats ago, don’t we?

BMX XXX (2002)

Yes, this happened, and it happened on the XBox, PS2, and the GameCube! This wasn’t some third-party hack either, it was released by a sub-title of Acclaim Entertainment! The whole point of BMX XXX is exactly what you think it is: A BMX biking game with naked chicks. As the video mentions, “Xtreme” sports games were all the rage spurned from Tony Hawk skaters down through snowboarding, biking, freestyling, etc. Until the market got burned out on these titles and somebody, for some reason, thought adding boobs would help.

They threw some edgy foul language and adult humor into the game just for added seasoning on top of the prospect of jiggling girly bits on bikes. Acclaim actually hyped the title which backfired when retailers refused to carry it and Sony refused to allow the release for the PS2 until the nudity was censored. Note that Microsoft and Nintendo did not censor! Outside of this, BMX XXX is just a mediocre BMX game with the attitude of MTV’s Jackass painted on. Acclaim declared bankruptcy the next year, golly wonder-why.

Lover Boy (1983)

The experience of plunging into offensive video game history leads to a sadder and sadder state of mind about our sick world until you hit something like Lover Boy and start to suspect that maybe the human race deserved COVID-19. Lover Boy is a maze game where you’re a naked guy running through a maze avoiding police and police dogs, trying to corner and trap women, whom you then rape in a full-screen cutscene. This makes the previously covered Custer’s Revenge look wholesome by comparison. This was no home console release either, this was an arcade game published by G.T Enterprise. They never released another game, hopefully because an angry mob tracked down the developers.

The video we found is censored, but you get some idea. The rape sequence isn’t passive, either, it is part of scoring and you actually have to move controls to “succeed.” They go to the trouble of giving the women victims names, just to make it as personal as possible, and the gals run around the maze screaming “help.” So anyway, this game was banned worldwide, but perhaps a few cabinets made it into adult bookstores and such. According to the classic Killer List of Video Games (warning NSFW images), one member owns the circuit boards to this game and nobody has it on their “want” list. Lover Boy is so rare it’s on the “extinct” list, and everybody wants it that way.

Ethnic Cleansing (2002)

We have avoided most of the hate-crimes genre with our “no homemade mods” rule (aren’t you glad?). But Ethnic Cleansing was actually published by neo-Nazi group National Alliance and released for Microsoft Windows. This is one of the few times when a Linux user will tell you: We’re fine with that! No cross-platform port for us, thanks! As you might guess from the title, this is a plain old hamburger of a first-person shooter where your game story and intended targets are all racially themed. The quality is pretty crude even by 2002 standards, but you can understand if talent is hard to come by on a project like this.

As the game’s own hype copy brags (quoted from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s write-up), Jews in the subway actually shout “Oy Vey!” as you shoot them. The same hate-group announced they would release “Turner Diaries – The Game” as a sequel to this, but it’s been a while since then and no release means hopefully they’re out of funding. Even at that, the game is loaded with obnoxious propaganda and flyers for their organization and cause, as if anybody who sought out this game to play was not already sufficiently indoctrinated. You know, in case you found yourself playing a game called “Ethnic Cleansing” on the odd chance whim without being a Nazi already.

We’ll stop there.

Jesus Christ.

We now close with some happy puppies in order to cement our resolve to never bring up this topic again.