This Nether portal night light looks innocent enough on your nightstand, but who knows, a Ghast could be lurking behind it ready to fireball you!


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You never know what you’re going to find on the other side of a portal in Minecraft. Maybe it’s an unstable gravel island floating in air leaving you a sitting duck for Ghast fireballs. Maybe you lucked out and pegged the location of a Nether Fortress so you can finally cultivate Netherwort. Or maybe you were sensible enough to construct it deep underground so you come out in a relatively safe cave.

This night light Nether portal is a faithful reproduction of Minecraft‘s gates hewn from obsidian and fire. Great for your nightstand or a bit of ethereal lighting in your gamer’s den. Just be careful a Zombie Pigman doesn’t slip through it when you’re not looking; nobody wants one of those running around the house.

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