You’ll have to own this model of Herbert West from the movie Re-Animator yourself. Otherwise you end up like one more talking head in the sideshow of life!


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If only we could all show our single-minded devotion to our pursuits the way Herbert West revered his research! This figure brings you right back to the cult classic sci-fi/horror flick Re-Animator. Not only a faithful likeness of Jeffery Combs’ most iconic role, but he comes complete with shovel, spare head, black cat, and a couple syringes of glowing green goop.

Of all the movies, this is the one so far which is regarded as the more faithful to H.P. Lovecraft’s work, despite it being opposite in tone. Ever seen a picture of Lovecraft smiling? They’re rare! In the meantime, tote Herbert West with you on your intrepid quest for science beyond reason. You’ll be the dead of the party!

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