You’ll be a fistful of cosmic trouble when you cosplay Thanos in this shiny Infinity Gauntlet! (Cosmic powers over death sold separately.)


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Why settle for any ordinary artifact of power when you can have the Infinity Gauntlet? Brandished by Thanos, in a ploy to woo his crush Mistress Death, he commences to wipe out massive lives in the universe with the Marvel Avengers racing to stop him. To use the Infinity Gauntlet, you must assemble the Dragon Balls – whoops, we mean Infinity Gems, each of which represents a power: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. Whoops, we mean Space, Reality, Power, Mind, Time, and Soul. Put them together with your Blood, Sweat and Tears – wait, that was an experimental jazz band launched by Al Kooper – your Infinity Gauntlet and you’re ready to rock!

Anyway, this is a must-have for Thanos cosplay. When you play Thanos, reality can be whatever you want! And then nothing can stop you unless someone takes the glove and destroys the Infinity Gems in the fires of Mount Doom – wait, distributes them to the Infinity Watch members.

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