Squirrel Girl never looked more chipper on her trusty scooter escorted by her furry woodland mascots. She can beat Dr. Doom, don’t underestimate her!


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Forget Spider-Man. Stuff the Avengers. You can keep your Silver Surfer. This is the coolest character to come out of Marvel, the nymph of nuts herself: SQUIRREL-GIRL! Going by the civilian name of Doreen Green, she’s one of the most overpowered characters in the MCU. We are not going to shut up about her until she gets her own movie, and yes, Disney, we will die on that hill if we must.

And when it comes to Marvel figures, here’s one that does the character justice! You get her scooter, you get the basket, you get her gang of frisky companions. She’s even poseable. If you dare underestimate her abilities, spend some time watching squirrels. You’ll realize that the only reason they haven’t taken over our civilization is that, unlike us, they know that crunchy nuts and a secure tree are all that’s important in life.

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