Lego Star Wars Sets : The Force Holds The Bricks Together

Something tells us that a lot of you might have some extra time at home on your hands. As much as we try not to inject a note of topical relevance into what would otherwise be an evergreen post, sometime a world crisis has to be faced rather than avoided.

But if you’re quarantined at home, you’re in the right place: We’re a common stomping ground for geeks of every stripe here, so we have a lot of experience with solitary diversions. Now’s the perfect time to dive into an absorbing hobby, especially since the Lego Star Wars line has had its 20th anniversary!

We might have some Lego fans that aren’t necessarily into Star Wars. And we might have some Star Wars geeks who aren’t dual-classing as Lego geeks. Really, you two groups should mingle more. Nothing says “geek street cred” like a Lego Star Wars model. Let’s check out what hot builds are going around the old Mos Eisley cantina…


Before the Empire shuts it down during the epidemic, that is.

LEGO 75252 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer – Free Shipping


Let’s get one of the whopper entries out of the way. This is the Star Wars Lego set that asks “Who’s your daddy?”

The sticker price may be worthy of a Force-choke, but look at this kit! The size of this box alone speaks for itself, at over 4.7K pieces, with a complete model of the Imperial Star Destroyer that builds out to a model 17 inches high, 43 inches long, and 26 inches wide.

They also toss in a couple Imperial flunkie minifigs and a Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner. Note, this is the 2019 updated Imperial Star Destroyer, not the 2002 model. Witness the unboxing of this behemoth here, and don’t tell me this won’t keep you busy for awhile:

LEGO 75241 Star Wars Action Battle Echo Base Defense


Now perhaps you’d like a set with a little less building and a bit more play value (and a lot easier on your wallet!).

May we suggest this Action Battle set, themed after the Echo Base battle on planet Hoth. This cute little set has 504 pieces, 6 minifigs, and an actual shooting gallery theme where you fire cannons at targets, just the medicine to cure you and your significant other’s cabin fever.

Maybe not the most prestigious set to collect, but a set packed with fun anyway. Review by JangBricks:

LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary, New Edition: With exclusive Finn minifigure


In case you were doubting just how expansive the Lego Star Wars universe is, there is now a need for a complete encyclopedia just for expert Lego Star Wars collectors.

This edition, updated to 2019, comes with a bonus exclusive Finn minifig, which is an obvious collector’s grab. The video gives you a very complete review, so we need not comment more.

But you have to say, this is a nice coffee table book and a decent guide for either Lego or Star Wars geeks even if you’re not both.

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter 75218


Let’s settle down from either extreme and just look for a solid starter for the new Lego Star Wars hobbyist.

This is a reasonable X-Wing Fighter with Luke and R2-D2 minifigs, Biggs and R2-Q2 minifigs, and a satisfying assortment of accessories and action features.

This is straight off the original trilogy, and one of the most faithful models yet. Just enough to make an interesting build and an attractive model to have around, without devoting a whole wing of your mansion to it. Appreciative review here:

LEGO Star Wars Slave l 20th Anniversary Edition 75243


Here’s our obligatory Boba Fett tribute, a model of his Slave shuttle and a well-rounded playset combined.

Included in the 2K piece set are five minifigs: Boba Fett, 4-LOM and his sidekick Zuckuss appearing for the first time, Han Solo with an alternate carbonite block, and Princess Leia.

It’s a good model of Boba’s ship with a focus on minifig quality, which true Lego Star Wars geeks know is the true selling point. How about a speed-build for a change?

LEGO Star Wars 75112 General Grievous Building Kit


So, perhaps you’ve been yawning over the collection so far thinking “there’s nothing here I haven’t seen before.”

Been there, done that, sent the postcards? Yeah, but how about a General Grievous nearly a foot tall? Fully poseable, lightsabers loaded, in a decent build of 186 pieces.

This guy is not only a unique model that will be an interesting build even for veteran Lego Star Wars fans, but is an awesome figure when you’re done.

We defy any first-time visitor to your domicile to fail commenting upon it when he first catches their eye!

LEGO 75253 Star Wars Droid Commander – Free Shipping


Now for something a bit different from the average build. This is a more involving set with diversionary play value.

Not only do you get models for R2-D2, a Gonk droid, and a Mouse droid all at decent scale, but you get an augmented reality game integrated with the set. This turns the build into an interactive game with an app you can download on your phone.

The droids are motorized and programmable with the app instructions, which is challenging, but cool to play with when you get the hang of it. A frank walkthrough and demo here:

It’s always fun for us to check back into the Lego Star Wars universe, which seems to add new layers of depth and complexity every year. Over twenty years’ time, as you can see from these examples, the franchise has encompassed everything from movie-faithful scale models to fun toy sets and even invented whole new genres of games here.

Be sure to check out our other Star Wars collectible lists:

We’re on our fourth Star Wars post here, so this will mean its time to devote more attention to other franchises for awhile. What do we leave you with this time? Hmmm…

Since Disneyland is flippin’ closed right now (can you believe it?), here’s a ride-through of the original Star Tours ride at Disneyland:

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