10 Kakegurui Gifts You Can Bet On

If you haven’t checked out Kakegurui (or need a refresher), check out this page first, then watch the show, and then come back. We’ll miss you in the meantime!

Ok good. Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the kakegurui herself, Yumeko Jabami, and all the people she’s taken down on her path to gamble with the entire student council, we can talk about all this cool stuff I found that every Kakegurui fan should own.

I bet that you’ll like these items that I found (send me the Mittens tag, I dare you) so let’s lay it all out there and get your gambling freak on!

Small box

Kakegurui Small Box

This small box is perfect for all the little trinkets you collect whether it’s poker chips, dice, IOUs, or the tears of your opponents. What is more perfect to remind you of your victories than the ultimate gambler surrounded by her own stack of won poker chips? She has so many, she can afford to just chuck them all around her and still be winning!

Deck of cards

Deck of cards

Looking for something that inspires you to personify your favorite gamblers that you can also use to destroy your enemies and friends?

This full deck of cards is detailed with some of the greatest personalities from Kakegurui, inspired by their journey at Hyakkaou, and remind you of what’s at stake with every draw.

Yumeko figurine

Yumeko Figurine

Ah, the classic gambler’s pose. One hand clutching yourself, one outreached to convince your opponent to go “all in” to ensure destruction.

Most gamblers are much calmer, sure, but that’s because they have to hide behind the fear of losing, so they have to bluff.

Yumeko gives 0 shits about that little problem there, so there’s no need to bluff. When life feels like it’s pulling you in two directions, look to Yumeko to go all in, damn the consequences.

Runa cosplay

Runa Yomozuki is hard to read, at best. She (along with the other election referees) wear animal-based orange coats, perhaps to stand out more when intense gambling is happening.

Runa, perhaps like you, loves sweets, being the friendly face amongst the sea of seriousness, and only turns the dial to 11 when her fairness is being questioned.

Don’t want to face her wrath? Then pay her what you owe.

Pet tag

This necklace is a must if you need to remind someone that they owe you a ton of money and that you’re going to get it from them, even if it takes you the rest of their life.

Each housepet tag comes with a number, which you unfortunately can’t customize, but you can pick from Yumeko’s, Maeri’s, and Ryota’s.

Pick up all three of them to remind your other friends that your debts aren’t going to go away just because they bought you lunch once.

Yumeko Lamp

If you remember this scene, you know that this LED lamp is more of a mock than it is cute. Even when other people thought they could get her down and torture her, Yumeko steers straight into the housepet roll, curling her hands like paws.

I’d call this a power statement than anything else, and maybe that’s the best way to wake up – with a reminder that even when the world is actively trying to beat you down, you can beat them all by freaking them out when they realize you enjoy being kicked when you’re already at the bottom.


Sometimes, gambling sessions go for a long time. Maybe everyone at the table is being a chicken or people just keep re-upping their chips.

But you’re not going away. Not a chance. You’re walking away with everything at the table, or you’re not walking away at all.

Wrap yourself in this blanket when the casino/your house gets cold and strengthen your resolve to be heralded as the mad person you are. Yumeko’s got your back.

Nim Zero and Rock Paper Scissors games

I almost didn’t list both of these, but how could you not? Two new card games inspired by some of the crazier gamblers (greed or murder, take your pick) at the school, I’ve been wanting to play these games with my friends.

Sure, I could make a cruddy version myself with index cards or whatever, but these are just way too cool.

Unfortunately, the drawings are already created on the rock paper scissors deck(they call it a “prop” but who are we kidding? We’re playing this), but that just means Maeri can’t cheat this time.

Vice President mask

Something about this mask is both soothing and unsettling.

So maybe you’re not the greatest gambler, and maybe you just want to fade into the background and not cause any trouble, but also support the people around you. And maybe you’re still going to be forced into situations you just really don’t want to deal with.

You just gotta take a page out of the vice president’s book and wear this mask every single day of your life. That way when you DO decide to unmask, no one will know where you came from (pro tip: have a twin sister who’s in on this).

Enamel pin

Need something a little smaller that you can carry around and wear with every outfit to remind the people around you that you’re crazy and not to be trifled with?

Or, the more sane thought process that you just enjoy the show and want to show your adoration.

This minimalist pin almost taunts you, asking you to show your own tag with pride. Bring it on, and always look towards the next gamble.

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