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Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project Release and What to Expect.


It’s been an unusually interesting six months for the Hearthstone community: Booming-laugh figurehead, Ben Brode, left Blizzard to work on his own personal project; Cubelock became slightly less OP; and Dude-Paladin has become more annoying than ever.

Thankfully, we have yet another expansion, The Boomsday Project, to shake things up come early-August – adding a few new mechanics, legendary spells, and reviving a few Hearthstone icons in the process (Dr. Boom is back, people!).

So, how much change can we expect from this new set of cards? From the looks of it, quite a bit, actually.

“How can you be so sure?”, you ask. Well, apart from all the “theory crafting” taking place, and as always, Youtubers giving their two cents – it seems as though the hype is real.

The three biggest take-aways from the set reveal comes in the form of the “Magnetic” mechanic, the “Omega” cards, and the previously mentioned legendary spells.







For those of you that don’t quite understand the “magnetic” feature, Blizzard did a pretty good job of explaining it in a video they recently posted .

The general idea for the mechanic is actually pretty simple: cards with the Magnetic feature, when played, will either be absorbed by an existing mech (all stats and effects), or, can be played as a stand alone card – it all comes down to card placement.

If you play a Magnetic card to the left of an existing mech, it is absorbed; if you play it to the right, it will be a stand alone card and not be absorbed.

Needless to say, with the amount of mechs being introduced in this expansion, there are, and will be a number of crazy combos and Magnetic stacking techniques to keep things either very annoying, or very interesting.







Omega cards essentially give players an excuse to play decks that are designed for longer matches; the Omega cards gain notable effects, but only when played with 10 mana crystals in your tray.

Fortunately, the meta has seen some decent balance in aggro, control and combo decks since the most recent nerfs were handed out. With this in mind, it seems hopeful that this new mechanic will prove viable, not just for late-game power-swings, but also for the creation of new archetypes in general. We’ll have to wait and see.

Legendary Spells and Hero Cards:

Legendary spells and Hero cards are pretty self explanatory, but that doesn’t mean the effects attached to some of these aren’t both dynamic, and utterly awesome.

Did someone say, Dr. Boom?!


Not quite his usual GVG self, but rather, a Warrior Hero-Card this go-around.


As for the spells, many are equally hype-building. Only time will tell, in terms of which ones will prove viable enough to include in decks:






And as an added “why not,” here are a few cards that has everyone talking amongst themselves, and others:






There are some very high hopes for the upcoming Boomsday Project expansion, and so far, the hype seems to be justified.

The fun starts on August 7th, 2018.

We’ll definitely be playing, and hope you’ll partake in, what will most certainly be, launch-day-shenanigans at the very least.

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