Harry Potter and the Inclusive World of Wizarding

You’d really have to be locked in a broom closet to not be aware of the controversy surrounding Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling. While we’re not here to rehash the specific nature of that controversy, we recognize that for some it affects their desire to see any official merchandise for the franchise, so we’ve compiled a list of Harry Potter themed gifts that support small sellers on Etsy and the LGBTQIA+ community. So put on your favorite robe and wizard hat, pull up a broom, and check out over 20 magical items that’ll get your mischief managed!

Protect Trans Wizards Hoodie


Our first pick is a cozy sweatshirt that leaves no doubt on where one stands in terms of supporting all our witch and wizard friends. Not only does the message carry weight, but your purchase can make a real difference in the lives of marginalized youth.

Directly from the seller: “PrideCords will donate a portion of every sale to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth”.

Luna Lovegood Pride Quote T-Shirt


Another beautiful shirt for your wardrobe, this t-shirt features a rainbow-colored quote from Luna Lovegood, stating “Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself”.

We all know there was never a more loyal or caring friend than Luna, and we think this shirt would be a beautiful way to show our love for all of our fellow magical friends. Bonus: once again, from the seller: “A portion of the proceeds of this shirt goes to the Trevor Project”.

House Support Pins


If you ask any Harry Potter fan what house they belong to, you’re guaranteed to start a lengthy conversation! But whether you’re a proud Gryffindor, a clever Ravenclaw, a loyal Hufflepuff, or a shrewd Slytherin, all houses can stand together in support! These pins display not only house pride, but pride in strength of conviction, and would be a fantastic in a group of Harry Potter themed presents.

Trans Witches/Wizards Patches


These patches remind us of punk rock trends, and what could be more punk than being a motorcycle-riding wizard or a witch that bucks stereotypes, or a muggle supporting trans rights? We could absolutely see Tonks having one of each stitched to a jacket (or five), and passing them out to every witch, wizard, and magic user she could! 

HP Couple’s Tumbler Set


This makes a cute gift for a couple (or more) of Potter fans, or, if purchased by one partner, would also make a lovely romantic present. These tumblers are customizable, and considering they are from an Etsy shop, you can discuss your pronouns directly with the seller in case you need a special order. As a baseline, they do offer any combination of “her” and “his” in a set of two.

HP Fans Pin


We absolutely adore this pin, featuring the progress flag with a hand holding an upraised wand. It’s an absolutely beautiful design; if you’re unfamiliar with the progress flag, it contains the original pride flag, but adds the colors of the trans pride flag as well as a black and brown stripe representing support of racially marginalized populations as well. We’re positive the members  Order of the Phoenix or Dumbledore’s Army would be the first in line to get oneI

It’s Not Wingardiam Leviosa…


From the famous quote-turned-meme, this shirt has a take that we very much appreciate. Just picture it with us: Hermione doing her head whip and glare as soon as she heard any transphobic nonsense. We easily could imagine all the impassioned speeches she’d be giving, organized rallies she’d be coordinating, and attempts at legislation reform she’d be leading on behalf of her trans brethren. 

But since Hermione is prevented by way of being a fictional character, it’s up to us to take up the charge in her place, and we think this shirt is a starting place for visibility and support.

HP Pronoun Pins


Speaking of Hermione, there’s no doubt in our minds that she’d be on the frontlines of the campaign to respect individual pronouns. We could see her carrying a small sack of these pins and passing them out as needed, demanding more inclusive language from the Hogwarts staff, and calling out transphobic behavior every time she sees it. Honestly, perhaps we could all stand to ask ourselves “What would Hermione Granger do?” when it comes to respecting our fellow humans.

House Pride Magnets


These magnets are a clever, classy way to show your pride in yourself and your fandom at the same time! The Etsy seller makes every set to order, and is happy to provide the colors of any pride flag you specify. Just contact them and let them know! In addition, in reviews it’s mentioned that the seller writes absolutely lovely notes if requested as part of the gift, so be sure to take advantage of that service as well!

Letter from Luna Lovegood


Speaking of personalized gifts, this may be one of the most heartwarming on the list. This Etsy seller will write you or your gift recipient a custom letter from your favorite HP character, and they have a variety to choose from! You can choose whether the letter is scented or not, and also the general tone, be it love, friendship, or even hatred! The seller requests the name of the letter recipient as well as any personal details you would like to include to make sure your letter has the personal touch to really make an impact on the receiver.

HP Rainbow Love Sign


We think this rainbow “LOVE” sign is awfully cute, and those in the know will recognize the symbolism in both the “O” and the “V” (honestly, it took us a bit to notice the lightning bolt!). We appreciate that it’s handpainted as well, because we think there’s a bit of magic in that!

Muggle Pride T-Shirt


Do any of us really want to admit our Muggle status? At the end of the day, aren’t we all just hoping our letter got lost in the mail, and our magic powers are there, just waiting to be tapped into? Maybe, but whether you’re willing to accept it or just a wizard hiding in plain sight, this t-shirt gives you the chance to show your pride in other ways too! And if you’re an ally wanting to show support, what better metaphor could there be?

No One Should Live in a Closet Sign

No_One_Should_Liv_ in_a_Closet_Sign_Rainbow

There were a TON of shirts and other merch expressing the same sentiment, but we liked this handmade sign best of all. No one, witch, wizard, or non-binary magic user, should ever be confined and hidden away like Harry was at the Dursleys, even if they thought it was for his own good. The seller, NerdyNitwit (a proud member of the LCBTQIA+ community), also offers a variety of other HP-themed merchandise, including a wand rack, so if you aren’t as in love with this design as we are, check out the rest of the shop!

Slytherin Pride Shirt

Outside of the font (which really is iconic), you might almost miss that this shirt is specifically representing the house of Slytherin. But with its jewel tones and gorgeous design, we’re absolutely certain no one from the shrewd, fashion and culture savvy house would mind much at all. Even if you’re not sorted as a Slytherin, this design is extremely tempting, and we’re sure it will impress when given as a gift (though we’re sure giving it to a Slytherin will net you 10 points for the house YOU belong to).

Harry Potter Pride Keychain

This pretty little keychain is a subtle way of combining the HP fandom with the trans pride flag colors. But this isn’t the only design! In fact, you can choose from a wide array of pride flag colors when you order. We think this would make a cute decoration on the outside of a wrapped gift, or tucked into a mug (check out our list later for a suggestion there) with an assortment of stickers!

Trans Women Are Women HP Cross Stitch


We don’t know about you, but these days many of our friends and loved ones are more and more interested in gifted “experiences” over items. For the crafty DIY crowd, or even those interested in dabbling in cross stitch, we found this easy, supportive pattern. While the design is sharp and professional looking, it’s actually mad up entirely of basic cross stitches, so it makes a nice introductory pattern for anyone new to the hobby. Once completed, we’re sure it would look marvelous framed on a wall or gracing the cover of a pillow.

No Magic in the Closet


While the sentiment is similar to the handmade sign we shared earlier, we think that this design is pure magic! It’s obvious who the design is meant to evoke, but the image of the Boy Who Lived crafted out of the phrase “Magic can not be kept in the closet” is something extra special. 

While the scarf is the iconic Gryffindor colors, the seller also offers varieties for each house in case you want to personalize the gift further. As the Harry Potter novels proved over and over again, whether the author agrees or not, you can never spend too much time welcoming others out of the closet.

Love Is Never Wrong Sticker


We’re a sucker for cool, geeky stickers to decorate everything: Hydro Flasks, laptops, phone cases, you name it! We are head over heels for this adorable wand sticker, with its rainbow detail and inspiring message: “Love is never wrong.” While the wand might not have been designed by Ollivander, we’re sure it will be just as perfect for you or your loved ones as if it had a core of phoenix feather.

Houses for Rights


These are some fierce house pins, and we’re here for it! Even the normally docile Hufflepuff is living up to the badger’s legendary ferocity on these large detailed metal pins. Not only does the seller offer the pictured house versions, but also similarly detailed pins featuring Crookshanks, Hedwig, and the word “Muggle”. 

As a note, the seller lists these as B grade pins, meaning they’re a bit cheaper than usual because they might have small flaws that aren’t visible when worn, so do keep that in mind. Also, according to some reviews your purchase will also net you a free sticker of the same design you order, so possible bonus gift there (whether it’s for you or someone else, we promise we won’t tell).

My Patronus Laptop Sticker


We love the name of this Etsy shop, HokumAndSnark, almost as much as we love this laptop decal! If you think about it, it makes a great deal of sense: just as Dementors feed on human happiness and spread fear and despair, so does transphobia and ignorance. 

We’d love it if we could manifest a Patronus to protect ourselves and our loved ones from their effects, but we think showing our pride and support is the next best thing we can manage. In some ways, it almost acts as a Patronus in and of itself…

Niffler Sticker


There’s no question: nifflers are absolutely freaking adorable! Mixing the cutest traits of hedgehogs and echidnas, we’d love one or twelve of our very own! Lacking a real niffler, we think these stickers are awfully neat as a substitute, and we love the little trans pride flag detail. We definitely recommend nabbing one of these Fantastic Beasties, And have even provided a link Where you can look To Find Them. (Yes, we know what we did there, and we’d say we’re sorry, but we’re really not.)

No One Should Live in a Closet…


We know we already had a sign with the same statement, but we think it bears repeating. We also really like the bleach splatter design, which takes us back… well, we won’t say how far, just that it’s back. According to the seller, the shirt can be customized as any color, which is a nice feature as well. It’s a cute, casual way to remind folks that absolutely no one deserves to feel like they aren’t safe to be themselves, and around the wearer, they won’t.

Lightning Strike Pride Pins


These lightning strike pride pins are absolutely Nymphadora Tonk approved! Not only are they fully customizable to represent any flag you like, but the seller (WonderfoolArt) also encourages buyers to specially order customized flags if you don’t see the design you need. We appreciate the extra step in customer service, almost as much as we appreciate the special discount currently on offer for this particular item. 

According to the images included, if you provide proof of a donation to an LGBT+ charity of your choice, the seller will give you an equivalent amount of pins of your choice for free! We thought that deal was too good not to mention, especially when it means you can get extra HP Pride swag for yourself AND your gift recipients for the cost of a good deed!

Accio Acceptance Vinyl Sticker


We know there are a good number of stickers on our list; like we said before, we really enjoy some fantastic stickers! We tried to limit ourselves, but we just kept finding new designs that we just couldn’t pass up, just like this one! The spell “accio” was a summoning charm used to bring things to the caster, but you had to be able to clearly visualize what it was you were summoning. 

While it may not work as an actual spell, we think a reminder to intentionally and mindfully consider what an accepting world would look like is something we always want close by.

Protect Wizards Mug


Sometimes you need to make a statement without any words; instead, you just take a long, slow sip with a pointed look. In those situations, this mug will do the trick nicely, making it clear you consider standing up for human rights a form of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Additionally,  we’ve always been big fans of giving mugs as gifts, especially when filled with delicious treats (or pride pins and stickers). This one makes a great addition to any collection, doubling (as most of these gifts do) as a representation of two kinds of pride: pride in the fandom, but also pride in taking a stand.

Sorting Hat Sticker


Listen, while canonically you can influence the house you’re sorted into, you don’t do it by bickering with the Sorting Hat. It just isn’t done. So if the Sorting Hat says “Trans rights”, who are we to disagree? You might point out that we’re Muggles, that’s who, but by our reckoning, if wizards can’t contradict the hat, then Muggles definitely shouldn’t argue with the Hat either! So we thought this sticker was a good way to make sure anyone who thinks they have grounds to claim otherwise knows exactly who they’re up against. 

Dumbledore Quote Shirt


With words straight from the mouth of Albus Dumbledore, one of the greatest wizards in the entire Potter-verse, we can’t think of a better way to end our list than this cozy t-shirt! Having such a prominent character make such an open, accepting statement, we’re not sure how anyone could think transphobia would be welcome in the wizarding world. 

So regardless of what the author says outside the books, take comfort in the words of Dumbledore himself! Spread this positive message along with your love and support when you purchase or wear this shirt.

We’ve come to the end of our journey, with some ideas to add to our magical arsenal or that of our beloved Potterhead friends and family. We highly recommend checking out some of the other items at these shops, and supporting these small LGBTQIA+ friendly businesses. 

Like Hagrid said, “Never be ashamed… there’s some who’ll hold it against you, but they’re not worth botherin’ with.” No matter who it is, be it friend, family, or favorite book series author, if they’re not willing to accept you for who you are, then they have shown that their opinions aren’t worthy of your consideration. 

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