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League of Legends has been a worldwide phenomenon since its release back in 2009 and has only ever increased in popularity. It has attracted both casual and professional players over the last decade and is usually the biggest event in E-sport events. Whether you are just starting out or are ranked platinum, this list will surely have something to please you or that League player you know. Scroll down for more Champion specific items and merchandise. 

League of Legends Key Cap

If you are looking for a simple and clean way of showing your love for League, then this sleek LoL KeyCap is the way to go. It is designed to fit over mechanical keyboards with ease and compliments any additional backlight that you may have. They will not be taking any “L’s” with this gorgeous logo!

Victory Large Gaming Mousepad

Crave sweet victory? Of course you do! Achieve greatness within this sweet and well made Victory LoL Gaming Mouse Pad. It’s sleek and foldable design made from durable rubber, with super fine fiber braided material makes it tough when you tilt mid-game. Ultra smooth waterproof cloth surface for superior control and cleaning so you will never have to worry about damaging the gorgeous design. 

Stealth Ward Replica

Always remember to ward the brush! You never know what lurks beneath. Keep safe and be ready with this adorable 3D Printed Stealth Ward Figure. Made of 3D printed sandstone, this will surely be a unique piece to any collection. 

Summoner Shot Glasses

Knowing your role is so important in League of Legends. Celebrate with your team after your victories in style with these Summoner Shot Glasses. Whether you’re top, bot, mid, jungle, or support you will absolutely enjoy drinks with your friends with these. 

Summoner T-Shirts

Looking for a gift that is more personalized? Show your teammate how much you appreciate them with their own Summoner T-Shirts. It is always nice to feel appreciated, especially after a hard day’s work in the Summoner’s Rift. 

League of Legends Neon Sign 

Does the thought of the Enderdragon in the darkness keep your Champions up at night? Shine a light with the League of Legends Neon Light.  These glass lamps are all hand made using hand-blown glass making each piece truly one of a kind. This would make a special edition for your gaming room or as a gift for any League player. 

League of Legends Headset Rest

Rather than keep your expensive headset somewhere on your desk, show it the respect it deserves by getting a 3D printed LoL Headset Stand. Make it unique to you by customizing the colors and show off your love and dedication to the game!

Break the Meta Tee

When it comes to gameplay, Summoners tend to follow the Meta as it changes and pick champions that are at the top of their respective tiers. However, not everyone plays it safe and as the old adage goes: rules are meant to be broken. Be a rule breaker and show off your superior skill set with this Break the Meta T-shirt

Tilted T-Shirt

Sometimes, our emotions get the best of us. E-sports players (especially League players) are absolutely no exception. Whether as a joke or not, this Tilted Tee would make an excellent gift for that “passionate” summoner who hates to lose and plays to win. 

Poro Plush

Are you really going to scroll past this face? Poros are the epitome of love, innocence, and valore in League of Legends lore. Snuggle up with your own Poro Plush or maybe get two or three and have a whole fluft of Poros!

TfT Custom Little Legends

Teamfight Tactics is a fun PvE and PvP tactical spinoff from League where you choose champions in teams and face off against your opponents. The best part is the unlockable Little Legends you can hatch and show off during matches! Each has their own unique style and flair depending on their rarity. Get your own TfT Custom Little Legends and make them look exactly how they are in the game!

LED Thresh Lantern

The wraith Thresh is the usual support pick and is liked for his ghoulish design. His spectral appearance and unique costume design make him hard to pull off for cosplayers, but incredible when done right, and his signature item is his lantern. You can give your room an eerie glow with this 3D Thresh Lantern and even use batteries to carry it around just like Thresh! 

Teemo Nirvana Shirt

If you are a fan of Nirvana or just like the 90’s aesthetic, then you can absolutely appreciate this shirt. Teemo is adorable but not one to mess with and neither are you with this Teemo Nirvana Shirt

 K/DA Ahri Air Jordans

K/DA is the name for the K-Pop inspired skins and single “POP/STARS” that Riot Games came out with in 2018. It became an instant hit in 2018 and even released a five-track EP in 2020. Want to rep Akali, Ahri, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa and the Champions that comprise the girl group? You can see Ahri’s gorgeous skin design printed on these limited KDA Ahri Lol Air Jordan 13

The Yordles – Abbey Road Tee

Another music inspired shirt, The Yordles – Abbey Road Shirt showcases some of the Yordle Champions in League of Legends walking down the iconic Abbey Road as the Beatles had. Featuring Amumu, Veigar, Heimerdinger, and Teemo, this shirt will definitely turn heads from both music lovers and LoL lovers alike. 

Pajama Guardian Lux Emotes

Are you a League of Leagues streamer who is in search of some new emotes? Do you also happen to be a Lux main? Look no further than this Pajama Guardian Lux Emote Set that will be an instant hit for your viewers. The Etsy seller, AnilieArt also has Caitlyn badges available!

Yasuo Replica Sword Keychain

Yasuo Classic Replica Sword Keychain will look stylish on the zipper of a backpack or on your keyring. These impressive looking swords will definitely draw attention and can be used to strike up conversation.  

Riven Brutal Sword Keychain

Not a Yasuo fan? Maybe this Riven Brutal Sword Keychain is more your speed. The details on this are impressive, especially considering it’s just a keychain. You can put this on a belt loop or use it as an accessory. 

Breaking Bad x League of Legends Crossover Tee

Everyone knows the top lane was made for Nasus and Renekton, making this shirt equal parts hilarious and true. Los Tops Hermanos – Nasus/Renekton Shirt was inspired by the Breaking Bad “Los Pollos Hermanos” in a crossover you never knew you needed until this very moment. Treat your Nasus/Renekton main to something nice, even if that main is you. You deserve it.

Lulu Star Guardian Replica

Lulu’s Star Guardian skin from Teamfight Tactics is one of the cuter skins as she looks like a tiny magical girl. And every magical girl needs her wand. You can get the 3D Printed Lulu Wand Replica to feel like Lulu and become your own Star Guardian. Or just add this to your League of Legends collection because it’s great and you love it.

Blitzcrank Wall Decor 

The helpful and adorable Blitzcrank, seen here helping a Poro, is a handmade design made from hama beads. Blitzcrank Pixel Wall Art is an endearing homage to the character while bringing warmth and light to any game room. 

The Iron Revenant Mordekaiser Model

Ending this list on a very strong note is The Iron Revenant himself. The impressive Mordekaiser Led Luminous Figure  figure lights up using LEDs and can be charged using a micro USB. The high quality and detail of the figure captures Mordekaiser’s intimidating presence, making this an exquisite addition to your collection or an amazing gift to your friends. 

Collect a badge for staying cool and getting through this list of awesome gift ideas for the Summoner in your life or for yourself!