Gifts For Timelords Everywhere

If you know someone who loves to keep up with the latest shenanigans of the longest-running TV show in history, then this gift list is the perfect place to start looking for presents.

Beginning in 1963, the Doctor has been traveling through time and space with their handy police box, righting wrongs and adding a little bit more joy wherever they went. The last of their species, the Doctor enjoys befriending humans along their journey.

Give one of these presents to your loved one so that they can relish the same feelings as the Doctor’s numerous companions. 

Weeping Angel

One of the most famous episodes of Doctor Who focused on the weeping angels, a terrifying monstrous race that appeared as angel statues as you’d normally see in a church or graveyard.

The episode “Blink” won awards for its spectacular direction and use of scares as the weeping angels came to life whenever their prey would blink. This resin figurine has two facial expressions: one of calm peace and the other of the true monster lying in wait for its chance to pounce. Remember, don’t blink!


This TARDIS belonged to the eleventh doctor, played by Matthew Smith. Although only noticeable to long-time fans, the TARDIS undergoes subtle changes every time the doctor switches to a new body.

Standing at just under nine and a half inches tall, this bright blue police box is sure to liven up any collector’s shelves. Even if your friend isn’t a figurine collector, this police box is a fun piece of decor that can blend into most styles and still stand out as a tribute to the show that they love.

The Tenth Doctor

All of the doctors have been played by magnificent actors and actresses, but the tenth doctor, David Tennant, stole many people’s hearts and helped Doctor Who have the resurgence of popularity that it enjoyed for years after his departure. Sideshow and Eaglemoss teamed up to present fans with a one-foot tall figurine of Tennant, decked out in his Doctor outfit, holding his sonic screwdriver aloft, and smiling happily. 

Thirteenth Doctor Funko Pop

Jodie Whitaker made waves when she became the first female Doctor in the show’s decades-long run. Though the upcoming season beginning in the fall of 2021 will be her last, the BBC has announced that they will choose another female Doctor when Whitaker steps down. Whitaker paved the way for girls to dream of being the Doctor too and this Funko Pop figurine captures the playfulness that she brought to the role. Despite her revolutionary change in how the world saw the Doctor, Whitaker never took herself too seriously in the TARDIS and it shows.  

Dalek Funko Pop

This reconnaissance Dalek looks much less threatening than it is intended to as an adorable Funko Pop figurine. As any good fan of Doctor Who knows, the Daleks are enemies to be feared, especially when they all start chanting their signature phrase in tandem “Exterminate!” However, the only thing this Dalek will be exterminating is a sad face with its cute eye at the top and the small antennae out to the side that look like little ears. 

Thirteenth Doctor Jumpsuit

Jodie Whitaker challenged the wardrobe department for Doctor Who to come up with some outfits that were more interesting than the long trenchcoat and scarf seen on the majority of past Doctors.

This red jumpsuit was just one example of how the costumers stepped up their game for the first female Doctor. The roomy jumpsuit lets you move around comfortably and comes in a variety of sizes for whatever body your timelord friend is currently inhabiting. 

Weeping Angel Cosplay

It never occurred to us that people might want to dress up as the terrifying monstrosities known as the weeping angels, but if you know someone who was particularly taken with those horrific beings then this is the best gift you could give.

Note that this costume does not include wings or a headpiece so your friend will need to find those separately. However, with some grey body paint, your friend can also devour people’s potential energies by sending them back in time.


When it’s time to raise a glass to the Doctor or any of their beloved companions, your loved one can reach for this unique TARDIS stein. The glass holds up to 500ml of liquid and is made from toughened glass.

We don’t recommend trying to smash the cup, but in the case of accidental drops it should hold up just fine. The TARDIS is grey and made of metal where it is imprinted on the outside to give the whole thing a cooler feel. 

TARDIS Bathrobe

This officially licensed cozier on the inside bathrobe represents everything about the TARDIS that fans love. It’s bright blue and patterned to make you look like you’re wearing a flexible, material police box. The distinctive sign on the side is the right pocket and the thick, plush material works just as well as soaking up excess moisture as keeping you warm in the cold evenings. 

Doctor Who Baking Set

This adorable baking set has everything you or a loved one need to make cookies for a Doctor Who-themed party. As they put it you can make some Gallifreyan goodies with this set. The set contains a tin Dalek cookie cutter, a TARDIS cookie cutter, a patterned apron, and a set of recipes for baked goods and icings to bring out the flavors. Never show up to a party empty-handed again with this set. Your friend can show off their skills while staying true to their Doctor. 

TARDIS Doormat

Everyone knows to wipe their feet before they come inside and there’s no better way to show visitors that you love Doctor Who than to present them with the TARDIS and knowledge that your home is bigger on the inside. This rubber doormat is perfect for cleaning up dirty feet and is easy to wash off with a hose or dump if the TARDIS starts to turn brown. The rubber ensures that your doormat will endure the harsh weather no matter where you live. 

TARDIS Wireless Charger

This wireless charger is a convenient way to ensure that your loved one’s phone never runs out of battery when you talk late into the night about your favorite Doctor Who episodes. It is compatible with Samsung, iPhone, and Android phone models. When you reach over for an extra surge of power, the TARDIS on the front lights up, materializing before your eyes. In case of emergency, you can also connect a cord to charge a second device simultaneously from this powerful battery. 

TARDIS Cookie Jar

This could be a fun combination gift along with the baking set above since this TARDIS cookie jar can hold cookies of all shapes and sizes. If your friend is a baker who doesn’t enjoy sharing their Daleks and TARDIS cookies with other people, give them a cookie jar and just make sure you don’t get caught with your hand inside. Even when it isn’t storing goodies, it lights up and makes the materializing sound effects when opened. When it’s full, you’ll be able to know immediately if someone’s sneaking into your TARDIS. 

The Science of Doctor Who

This fascinating book looks at the real science behind some of the Doctor’s inventions and the series’ depictions of the future. The author looks at our understanding of time travel, alien societies, and how advanced robots like the Daleks might be built, and how that understanding has changed during the six decades of Doctor Who episodes. It’s an interesting read for anyone, fan or not, and is a great idea for someone who is curious about how some of the things in Doctor Who would work in real life. 

Doctor Who Pillowcase

This decorative pillowcase fits pillows 18 by 18 inches. It depicts the blueprints for the TARDIS as conceived during the golden age of the Gallifreyans. It outlines the different rooms, their shapes, and their functions as they relate to the time and space traveling contraption. It lays out that TARDIS is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space and notes from the showrunners about how the TARDIS was originally intended to work.

Doctor Who Mugs

These stoneware Doctor Who mugs are a great gift for people who enjoy a spot of tea or coffee in the morning when they’re getting ready for an action-packed day full of time travel and maybe saving the world. Like the TARDIS, these mugs are larger on the inside and can hold up to 20 ounces of liquid. The front of the mugs shows a black and white version of the TARDIS, with just the lit windows as yellow for an interesting twist on the Doctor Who motif.

Doctor Who Salt and Pepper Shakers

Let them fight! Just kidding, this Dalek and TARDIS pair won’t be doing any battling on your tabletop (hopefully). Instead, they’ll play nice as a great pair of salt and pepper shakers. Made of finely painted ceramic, this unforgettable salt and pepper shaker set is sure to add some character to any table. Each shaker stands about three inches tall although the Dalek has arms reaching out which might break off if not handled carefully so beware. 

Doctor Who Water Bottle

This eighteen-ounce water bottle is the perfect way for fans of Doctor Who to remember to stay hydrated when they’re out and about exploring the space-time continuum. The whole thing is made of plastic which makes it easy to clean in between uses. Plus, the material Tritan is impact-resistant so a few spills won’t be enough to take down this mighty hydration device. 

TARDIS Nightlight

This awesome nightlight projects a lit image of the TARDIS wherever you place the base. It’s perfect for kids who want to remember that the Doctor is watching over them while they drift off to lala land. With the convenient remote, you can switch between sixteen different colors to find the right one to match the room’s decor. You can also set it to automatically rotate between colors for a soothing effect. 

Doctor Who Tee Shirt

This 100% cotton tee shirt is the perfect gift for fans of any age. It’s black with the TARDIS on the front as it drifts through space and time to its next destination. The stars in the background blend nicely with the mechanical blueprints of the police box. It comes in a variety of sizes so you’ll be sure to find the one that will fit your favorite fan. 

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

No Doctor is complete without their sonic screwdriver. It is a handy gizmo that allows the Doctor to work futuristic machines or perform feats that seem magical. This replica lights up and makes sound effects. Each Doctor has a different sonic screwdriver to match their new body and this one is modeled after the thirteenth Doctor, played by Jodie Whitaker. While it comes with demo batteries, you might want to give new ones with it since they won’t last long. 

Adipose Plushie

The adorable adipose is one of those things that is super cute as long as you don’t think about it too hard. In the show, Adipose are creatures that are made entirely from the fat of other beings who have lost weight. We admit that’s pretty gross, but these plushies are so cute that they might make up for it. Each plushie is about 10 inches tall and mostly spherical. They’re perfect for cuddling with when watching your favorite episodes of Doctor Who. 

TARDIS Handbag

This officially licensed TARDIS handbag is pretty roomy on the inside, just like the device it was made to represent. The bag is approximately nine inches tall and nine inches wide. The tag proclaiming it to be a police box is metal and the four-foot-long adjustable shoulder strap can also be removed to turn this into a handbag, depending on what you prefer. It’s sure to make a statement when you go out with the TARDIS over your shoulder. 

Doctor Who Puzzle

This 500 piece puzzle takes its aesthetic from early comic books and the feel of Doctor Who back in the 1970s. The finished puzzle is about 20 inches tall and 15 inches wide which makes it perfect for using puzzle glue and framing once your loved one has finished assembling the TARDIS in all of its glory. The puzzle is made of wood and non-toxic paint so it’s safe for kids too. Plus, all of the pieces are marked so you’ll never be stuck wondering if you’re missing any.

Doctor Who Pendants

For the Doctor Who fan who appreciates jewelry and looking nice while representing their fandom, this pack of pendants is a perfect pick. This four-pack of silver-plated pendants includes a TARDIS, a weeping angel statue, a sonic screwdriver, and a large swirl with the words “wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff”. The TARDIS has a small green crystal on its top to add a little bit of extra sparkle. 


This beautiful lamp depicts the bright blue police box in all of its glory. It is handmade of wood and finely painted. When plugged in and turned on, the lamp lights up the windows, the Police Box sign, and the light on top of the box. At over nine inches tall, you get a pretty decent range of light in a small box. It comes with a six-foot-long cord with a plug for US outlets and an on/off switch. 

Doctor Who Coasters

These engraved wooden coasters are a perfect housewarming gift for a Doctor Who fan. Each coaster is slightly less than four inches in diameter and comes in a set of six. Each coaster has a slightly different design which is laser engraved and then filled with black epoxy resin for a handmade feel. With these coasters, everything can have the swirling feel of traveling through the space-time continuum and still match any type of home decor. 

Doctor Who Tea

This Galli-Grey tea is an organic loose leaf tea that is great for people who need a little energy before heading out to right the wrongs of the universe and mess with the Daleks. The tea is made from earl grey tea combined with lemon peel and cornflower for a unique flavor. Together, the colors blend to make a grey and blue mixture that is the same color as the signature police box that the Doctor always brings. 

Doctor Who Birthday Set

This Doctor Who birthday bundle is an excellent option for any fan of the franchise. It comes with six decorated whiskey glasses, a whiskey decanter, and a facade of the TARDIS that opens into the velvety box containing the whiskey glasses. Everything is perfectly packed in place to ensure that nothing breaks on the way to your intended recipient, no matter how much wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff it has to go through on the way. 

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