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Gaming Things

A list of all things gaming-related that we've found across the internet—so far...

We'd be lying if we said this Gears of War Lancer replica isn't one of the most impressive we've seen.
You thought the 90s were a thing of the past? Think again, dear friend. Sega is a forever type of thing—a little blue hedgehog told us.
You have to wear face masks for a while now anyway, so you might as well get a smiling Mario one from Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers franchise.
Cuddle up for nap time and mana point restore with Randi, Primm, and Popoi, the party trio from the hit Super Nintendo cult classic the Secret of Mana.
Mario's hat from Super Mario Brothers. Whether you're knocking turtle shells around or stomping on goombas, it's recognizable anywhere!
This Nether portal night light looks innocent enough on your nightstand, but who knows, a Ghast could be lurking behind it ready to fireball you!
Earthbound, the Super Nintendo game with a cult behind it so fanatic, the Freemasons are jealous! This is a map of Onett printed on a mug. "Fuzzy pickles!"
Awesome 10x10 inch shadowbox rendering of the Light World Hyrule from Super Nintendo Legend of Zelda, great wall art for your game den!
These Nuka-Cola glasses from the Fallout franchise will hold all your refreshing beverages through quarantine. Be sure to save those bottle caps now!
In the event that your Companion Cube does speak, it's probably something trapped inside there asking you to let it out. Your response will be noted.
The movie version of Lara Croft, now in Barbie Doll format! This fully articulated figure is ready to join you on your Tomb Raider adventures.