The COVID-19 pandemic is becomign more like a zombie apocalypse every day, so why not start gearing for one? No fooling, this is a real survival kit.


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At first, we were going to throw a zombie survivalist kit in here as a goof on our current CoronaVirus panic. And then when we got a look at the market out there, we realized two things: (1) Why not spend just as much money on a real survival kit? (2) the current politicizing of the pandemic and daily news stories about freakouts and confrontations makes this kind of a real zombie apocalypse scenario, so we’re not goofing around anymore.

So: This survivalist kit is well-reviewed and a balance between a reasonable price and quality package. It’s military grade, includes a camping-grade first aid kit, essential tools, camping gear, and more. All packed in an EMT pouch. It’s perfect for your “bug-out bag” or to customize with your own COVID-19 supply accessories. Perhaps a stun gun for the next zombie who attacks you for wearing a face mask is in order?

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