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Death Note Gifts To Die For

Death Note is one of those anime that every fan watches at some point. Whether it’s just for the first few episodes or the entire series, it has taken one of the top spots for teenage edgy anime/manga that fans can’t get enough of.

No matter which character you rooted for, there is plenty of merchandise out there if you know where to look. We’ve compiled a list of the best Death Note gifts for your friends or loved ones who never moved past their Hot Topic phase.

Ryuk Tee Shirt


Undoubtedly one of the best characters in the show, Shinigami Ryuk, is an imposing figure who makes a great background for any shirt.

This particular shirt only features his intimidating silhouette as he looms over a giant ribcage in stark black and white. However, it also comes in two additional shades of dark grey. It is sized for men, women, and unisex.

The Ripple Junction officially licensed shirt is 100% cotton and machine washable so that your friend can proudly strut their stuff without irritating their skin.

Looking for Apples?


Ryuk the Shinigami functioned as a combination of a narrative device and occasional comedic relief. The majority of those funny moments revolved around his burgeoning obsession with apples.

For people who don’t know the show, it might be something of a mystery as to why there’s an apple on this awesome hoodie, but real fans know the reason.

The officially licensed sweatshirt comes in Men, Women, and Unisex sizes. It can be machine washed in cold water with similar dark colors.

L Tank Top


When your friends feel like heading out for some summer fun, why not give them the gift of a breezy tank top, complete with a symbol from their beloved anime?

This white tank top comes in Men’s and Women’s sizes and features the fancy L that the character L used to sign all of his documents in the show.

Fans will quickly recognize the symbol, although anyone else might assume that the wearer’s name begins with the letter L since the tank top is otherwise wholly blank.

Skull Wristband


For your incredibly edgy friends who want to adorn their wrists with snazzy leather wristbands, this is the perfect gift for a birthday or holiday. It features a white silhouette of the shinigami Ryuk as he hovers, wings extended over an apparent graveyard.

This officially licensed product is a great way to tell your friend that their fashion sense is super obvious, and so is their choice of anime.

Death Note Necklace


This beautiful gold necklace pendant displays the Death Note itself in its full glory. The pages of the book are caught in a moment of flipping through, and the sparse cover is illuminated so that anyone can see exactly what type of merchandise it is.

Though it is not officially licensed merchandise, the creators obviously took their time recreating the font used so frequently in the show. It’s made of hypoallergenic metals with no nickel, so you won’t have to worry about skin allergies.

Light Yagami Figurine


Nendoroid is known for its high-quality figurines depicting important characters from many different shows. Their figurine for the main character of Death Note, Light Yagami, is no exception.

The figurine portrays him in his school outfit, which he wore the first fateful day he discovered the Death Note had been dropped from the sky and picked it up.

The figure has changeable items so he can hold the Death Note, a giant golden scythe, a pen, or an apple. It also comes with three face plates so your friend can make his facial expression reflect whatever they want.

L Figurine


Nendoroid hits it out of the park again with their L figurine. It depicts the cunning detective perched in his chair, dark shadows under his eyes, messy hair and clothes, just waiting for the criminal to make one wrong move.

His figurine has changeable items so he can put his hands on his knees or hold a piece of cake, a fork, or wear one-half of a pair of handcuffs. He also comes with three face plates so the owner can change his expression as they see fit.

L Funko Pop


For the slightly less discerning fan or a gift-buyer on a budget comes the L Funko Pop figurine. It isn’t as expensive as the Nendoroid, although it isn’t nearly as versatile either.

There is a single facial expression, and the figure doesn’t move, but it shows the famous detective munching cheerfully on his favorite thinking snack: a piece of deliciously moist cake.

Misa Amane Black Dress


Plenty of anime fans love dressing up as their favorite characters, especially when they’re heading off to a convention. This black dress is the costume of Misa Amane, one of the principal characters in Death Note.

She, of course, had her own Death Note and shinigami to boot. Though she ultimately allied with Light on his nefarious quest, she rocked a fabulous outfit throughout the show, and with this dress, your friend can rock it too. It comes in a variety of sizes or an option for customization.

Misa Amane Cosplay Accessories


Obviously, no outfit is complete without the right accessories. If you saw our previous entry about the Misa Amane costume, you’ll know that she was a fashionista who was always well-dressed, no matter how many people she killed.

In addition to the dress, her character was so well-known for; any self-respecting cosplayer needs this bundle. It includes the gothic cross necklace and earrings that Misa always wore.

Death Note Earrings


These adorable earrings are hand-made to show off the Death Note in tiny form. Each small notebook is full of paper with painted covers.

The hooks are silver-plated and hypoallergenic for any sensitive-skinned fans. The number of pages in each booklet will vary since the products are hand-made, but the artist takes care to ensure symmetry between pairs.

Let your friend have their own copies of the Death Note, but watch out! They might write your name in there someday. 

Death Note Watch Pendant


This extraordinary necklace pendant also functions as a working watch. A Death Note hides the cleverly concealed clock face emblazoned cover.

The whole thing is made of metal, and the lid can be opened like a typical book. The entire pendant is around an inch long, and there is writing on the inside of the clock face that reads, “The human whose name is written in this note shall die,” just like the actual notebook says in the anime.

Death Note iPad Cover


This iPad cover is an awesome present for people looking to get their loved ones a personalized gift. The artist allows you to submit a name, and the cover says “___’s Death Note” in the same font that the notebook used in the manga and anime.

The iPad cover can be customized to fit a wide variety of iPad models, so you’ll need to know which one your friend has to ensure the cover fits properly.

Death Note Tennis Skirt


This adorable white, handmade tennis skirt features the stylistic logo that L used in the anime. It’s discreetly placed in the bottom corner, meaning that your recipient can wear this skirt in virtually any setting without attracting too much attention to it.

For people who aren’t fans of the show, it’ll look like a clothing line’s logo, but anyone who recognizes the L can strike up a conversation with your fan friend. Note that this skirt includes attached shorts underneath. 

L Plushie


For fans who want something cute to cuddle while they endure the nail-biting tension of watching Death Note, this L plushie is the one. His enormous eyes look on with intelligence and wit as he gazes out at the world around him.

The plushie is just under a foot tall and is the perfect size to tuck under your arm as you snuggle down into the couch for a marathon watch. It’s made of sturdy cotton to withstand any fan’s love.

Ryuk Statue


This seven-inch tall statue of everyone’s favorite shinigami Ryuk depicts the creature with his wings spread wide; mouth stretched into a disgustingly macabre grin.

Made of sturdy plastic and set on a clear base, this statue is great for fans who enjoy collecting figurines of their favorite characters. Many fans enjoy collecting figures of highly detailed characters with distinctive silhouettes, and this statue certainly does not disappoint.

Death Note Mug


One of the most famous, or infamous, scenes in Death Note is where Light Yagami explains his plan to deceive detectives monitoring his criminal activities by only watching TV broadcasts through a tiny screen he keeps in the bottom of a potato chip bag.

To explain his interest in the bag, he dramatically narrates that he will take a potato chip and eat it. This mug sums up the bizarre humor inherent in the scene while also facilitating the consumption of coffee or tea, something far more helpful than potato chips.

L Statue


ABYstyle is a famous producer of figurines from popular anime series, and their depiction of L the detective is a pretty good one.

He sits, perched on his red chair, the bags under his eyes readily apparent. It perfectly encapsulates L’s strange, off-putting demeanor as his knowing eyes follow every move of the criminal mastermind.

Sitting at approximately six inches tall, this officially licensed figurine is an excellent addition to any fan’s collection.

Death Note Book


Obviously, any real fan of the show would want to have their very own Death Note.

While this replica doesn’t seem to show any of the magical powers of an authentic Death Note, it does contain the same instructions, font, and cover like the one from the anime.

Your friend may not be able to murder people with their copy, but they’ll undoubtedly treasure the opportunity to try and make people drop dead.  

Death Note Manga Boxed Set

Anyone who enjoyed the anime is sure to like reading the manga too. While there are a few subtle, or not so subtle, differences in the plot, Death Note’s anime stuck to the storyline and didn’t change too much.

True fans may already own the manga volumes, but this boxed set comes with a lovely box to hold all of the slim volumes and keep everything organized on an already crowded bookshelf. 

Death Note: Another Note


This book, written by Death Note’s author and set prior to the events of Death Note, in the same universe, follows a strange serial killer on the streets of Los Angeles. The detective must try and make sense of the apparently meaningless crimes as it becomes increasingly clear to the reader that the murderer is using their own Death Note.

The detective soon learns that the killer is explicitly targeting an outside investigator, known only to the detective as L. She must race against the clock to figure out the real behind-the-scenes plot before it’s too late. 

Death Note L and Light Figurine


This L and Light combination figurine was created by the legendary Megahouse and isn’t for the faint of heart when it comes to buying gifts for that special someone in your life.

It’s pretty expensive, coming in at $550. Many gift-givers might balk at such a price, but it’s worth it for any fan who knows Megahouse’s reputation for fine details. This statue is a must-have for big fans of the anime and manga. 

Death Note Volume 13


As any fan knows, there are only twelve volumes of the Death Note manga. The author wrote this 13th volume as an encyclopedia of the Death Note universe which contains character biographies, production notes, and commentary from the author as he constructed the intricate plotlines.

It’s a fascinating look at a beloved author’s writing process and provides interesting information about where he drew his inspiration from and what he wanted to convey with the story. 

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