Are you ready to support Cthulhu in 2020? Why not, what else can go wrong this year? This mask is the eloquent “F-U!” to every crisis in 2020 so far.


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OK, we admit, this is a lot darker and edgier than our normal array of content. But you have to admit, if there was ever a year for disgusted nihilism, that year is 2020! This face mask encompasses all the aspects of 2020 so far: It’s an election year, it’s a year of Black Lives Matter protests, and a year of a deadly worldwide pandemic. Oh, and it’s also a year that seems to be the punishment from an ancient cosmic god.

That sums up the crisis of 2020 in one slogan, but we may have to augment this if those murder hornets ever show up. So, if you’re confident in your sense of humor or your ability to run really fast, dare to wear the darkest Cthulhu message we could find out of the most cynical corners of the web. Oh get over it, it’s just a mask.

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