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With a slew of reboots, reimaginings, films, cartoons, comics, and more, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are indeed an enduring fandom. Whether you became a fan in the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s, or even 20’s, there’s sure to be something here to bring you almost as much joy as a fresh pizza!

So kick up your skateboard and grab a slice, and get ready to check out some collectibles that will have you yelling “Cowabunga!”

Framed Wall Art

We’re starting out with this gorgeous framed print to show your love of adolescent deviated martial art terrapins, but in a classy way! This is sure to look fantastic on any of your walls, and will let any guests know immediately that you’re a human of impeccable taste.

Master Splinter Statue


This sculpted piece, handmade on Etsy, is absolutely perfect. They really capture not only the textures of fur and cloth, but the expression of the grizzled warrior.

Funko POP April O’Neill


No list of collectibles would be complete without a Funko POP! vinyl figure, and no TMNT list would be complete without the lovely April O’Neil! In this figure she’s sporting her classic design, iconic yellow jumpsuit and all!

TMNT Wax Packs, Sealed


For the serious collector, these are sealed and unopened classic 90’s memorabilia! The seller has a variety of related items as well, from other series to trading card packs for your nostalgic collections.

Bandai Tamashi Nations Raph Action Figure

This detailed action figure from Bandai is designed to replicate the style of the original cartoon, and we love that! Additionally, this figure comes with multiple heads and weapons for a range of poses, so you can create an active scene with your collected pieces.

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Shredder Statue


Standing tall in his classic armor set, this Shredder statue is a fantastic addition to any collector’s shelves! The statue comes with an alternate left and right hand, holding a sword and a communicator (with Krang’s face) for further customization.

Four Turtles Cross Stitch 


There’s something extra special about something you create yourself, and doubly so when it relates to something you’re passionate about. This cross stitch pattern does both and does it incredibly well! You’ll need to pick up the supplies yourself, but the time will be well spent when you have the completed work to frame.

TMNT Pizza Movie Quote Crossstitch


If you love the idea of the cross stitch above, but want something more light-hearted, definitely pick up this pattern instead! (Or go for both and REALLY make your space special!) This one features the four turtles and Master Splinter, with a quote from the original live action film below. 

TMNT IDW Collection


The IDW Collection is a TRUE treat for the loyal fans. Co-written by half of the creative inspiration for the comic series, Kevin Eastman, this collection is features a fresh look at our favorite turtles, and a gorgeous cover design to boot.

Classic NES Game Coffee Mug


This is another great item for fans of classic TMNT, though this time it’s the original NES game! Pick up this mug, and whether you use it for its intended purpose or keep it somewhere safe for decoration, it will make a fantastic addition to your collection.

Vintage 1990’s TMNT Poster


From the 1990’s (or “the late 1900’s” as we heard a teenager say the other day, and somehow managed to survive the trauma) comes this vintage poster. It absolutely would have been something we would have loved to hang in our bedroom then, so go on, indulge the younger you!

Jada Toys Die-cast Turtles Volkswagon Bus


We grew up loving the TMNT and Matchbox cars, so this mash-up is a match made in heaven! Made from die-cast metal, it’s sure to delight the kid inside as well as the adult collector you are today. Bonus: it comes with the Leonardo figure pictured as well.

Handmade TMNT Earrings


We love the retro 90’s cartoon basis for these earrings, matched with the cute homemade sparkly hearts. It’s a unique take that we enjoy, and think would make a fantastic, if non-traditional, addition to any fan’s collection.

TMNT Minimalist Wall Prints


One thing the 80’s and 90’s were NOT known for: minimalism. A lot of vintage and retro designs cater to the busier styles of the era, leaving those with a taste for more modern design behind. For those fans, we highly recommend these minimalist style prints, with simple graphics and bold colors representing each turtle. They’d make an excellent choice in any room of the house!

Krang Action Figure

Ah, Krang. Easily one of the stranger villains to exist in the Ninja Turtles universe, Krang is iconic in his role as a nemesis to the Turtles. Here we see a detailed action figure of Krang in his mobile suit, with multiple suit appendages, equipment, and tentacles, because as we all know you can never have too many tentacles.

Raphael Castle Playset


Some of the 90’s kids like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and some liked Polly Pocket, and some liked both! For them, or for any collector, we bring you this vintage miniature playset! Warning: sadly, this set is missing some pieces. When we found this toy, we scoured the internet for a more complete version, but none popped up. We love it too much to not include it on our list, so we went with the one that had the most pieces. If you find a complete set, though, we recommend snapping it up faster than a turtle would a fly (or a pizza, in this case)!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VHS Lamp


This item features original VHS tapes, repurposed into color-changing remote control lamps! The seller includes the original film jacket in the purchase as well, for an added collector’s bonus. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Collection


No matter when you were originally introduced to the Turtles, every fan can appreciate this collection of the original comics! Volume 1 of this collection includes issues #1-#7 of the original comic run as well as the Raphael one-shot, also by the original creators. These are the original Turtles, in black and white, and grittier than the cartoons would lead you to think. This is where it all started!

TMNT Handmade 3D Tumbler


“Is that slime on the rim?” you might be wondering while looking at this product. Our answer to you is “Yes. Yes, it is.” This handmade metal tumbler from Etsy not only has a great Turtles and pizza design, but also sports an awesome 3D slime effect around the rim! Totally tubular, dudes!

Vintage Hot Wheels TMNT Party Wagon


In case you missed this when it first came out, weren’t born yet, or have lost yours, here’s a brand new Ninja Turtles Party Wagon! Still in its original packaging, this vintage toy is a must-have for fans.

TMNT Collectible Set: Turtles in Costume


This adorable set reimagines our favorite mutants as youth in Turtle costumes, carrying their signature weapons and sporting outfits with themes of their unique colors. Each Turtle is on an individual base, which can be combined with the others to create a scene like the one above. This set is highly detailed, and would be a marvelous addition to any fan’s collection.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Leonardo Sketch Replica


Meant to replicate the sketch from the 1990 movie, this replica even strives to match the folds, creases, and wear that the original sketch would have had in the film. This one makes it on our list not only for its dedication to authenticity, but because the sketch April made was so meaningful in the film.

NECA ¼ Scale Raphael: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie


Coming to you also from the 1990 film is this incredible ¼ scale replica of Raphael. The creators skip no details, however minute, and the figure comes with interchangeable hands as well as Raph’s signature sai weapons and a slice of pizza. Standing over a foot tall, these figures are as awe-inspiring now as they would have been to a kid in the 90’s. Be sure to nab your favorite or collect them all!

There it is: a list of 20+ of the most bossa nova Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectibles we could find. We hope you enjoyed checking them out as much as we did! Be sure to let us know which ones are your favorites. Until next time, Turtle Power!

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