We were on our way to research something else when we saw this organizer shelf, and the ghost of George Carlin told us that we need a place for our stuff.

C&AHOME Wire Cube Storage Organizer 12-Cube Storage Shelf Storage Bins

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Until you have to live with all your stuff in one place for a long time (like, say, you’re quarantined in a global pandemic), you don’t appreciate just how much stuff you have. Being a geek seems to be close to being a hoarder, only you don’t get to be on A&E.

So we don’t know who needs to hear this, but you could use an organizer to tidy up your geek den and store all the games, movies, books, comics, figurines, cosplay gear, models, D&D miniatures, and whatnot. Because our chief hobby in 2020 is tracking packages.

And for those of you looking over all the spiffy stuff we track down for you, you’ve been saying “I would buy some of these cool toys but I have nowhere to put them!” Now you have no excuse.

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