This mock-up poster from the Black Mirror episode USS Callister is a must-have for Trekkies, Black Mirror fans, and geek meta-culture in general.


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If there was ever a time when the hit TV series Black Mirror captured the hearts of geeks everywhere, it was the episode “USS Callister,” the first episode of season four. Serving as both a homage to classic Star Trek and other SF TV series, and one of the few episodes with a decently upbeat ending (for Black Mirror anyway), it has stood as one of the best-rated episodes of the famously pessimistic cyberpunk series.

This poster will fit right into your existing Star Trek poster collection, but also draw a double-take from everyone. Referencing the poster from Star Trek : The Motion Picture, it’s also a subtle reminder of the episode’s Aesop about toxic fandom. And we all want to avoid that, right?

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