A boxed set manga of volume 1 of the hit dark fantasy series Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Hardcover enlarged volumes bring the medival fantasy manga to life.


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Berserk is gaining recognition as one of the most acclaimed dark fantasy manga series in recent memory, with over 40 million copies in circulation. First run in the 1990s (technically launched in 1989), it has only recently spawned an anime series and a movie trilogy. Just a couple years ago, it was the best-selling line in the catalog of Dark Horse Comics.

This boxed set gives Berserk its hardcover treatment, a dignified and cherishing set of volumes in large print to show off mangaka Kentaro Miura’s artwork. It’s getting very good reviews. Get this set and you won’t miss out on the growing fanbase for the biggest dark fantasy manga outside Death Note.

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