You need Bart Simpson in your life! Classic Bart, before Sunday school mellowed him out. Defiant, rogue, 1980s Bart Simpson.

Bart eat my shorts pillow

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In the ’80s, if it wasn’t “Eat my shorts!” it was “Don’t have a cow, man!” Bart Simpson went from being the bratty patron kid of the American middle class and ended up decades later as the avatar of the young at heart everywhere. We have to throw The Simpsons a bone sometime around here.

Amazingly enough, Bart was one of the few prime time animated characters who was just edgy enough to slip under the radar, but not so obnoxious that the haters could protest him. Credit Simpsons creator Matt Groening with having just enough restraint – and for not selling out his true passion, the underground comix sensation Life in Hell.

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