When will we learn to leave those aliens alone? Here’s an Area 51 sign which you can tell your friends you stole off the base during the 2019 Naruto Run.



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Alright, so the US Pentagon (it’s a military headquarters with five sides, for you non-USans) released the US Navy footage of UFOs recently. Now on top of everything else in 2020, we have to deal with that. It all started when we tried to Naruto-run Area 51 in 2019. That’s what set this in motion.

Since we can’t all learn to let unknown secrets well enough alone, it’s time to start stocking up on alien gear again. This authentic Area 51 sign is perfect for a novelty statement in your home bar, where you’re most certainly drinking COVID-19 quarantine away, or as an outdoor sign if you want to misdirect the next group of meddling kids trying to fart around with unknown forces we can’t understand. You can even use it as a plain old no-trespassing sign, since anyone who owns this is obviously too alpha to mess with.

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