Can anything stop the Marvel franchise now? The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has so far grossed over $22 billion at the box office. And you thought Star Wars was big? Bah, $10 billion, chump change! But that’s beside the point, since Disney owns both franchises now and can merge them into a crossover if they want to. The idea has been raised before. Lightsaber vs. Infinity Gauntlet, who wants to see it? Don’t forget, George Lucas produced Howard the Duck, we already broke ground here.

MCU films are currently pumping out at an average rate of three per year – and Squirrel Girl still hasn’t gotten her own movie! According to that IMDB list, the MCU includes a hulking 92 titles, although not every single one of them is considered canonical viewing. Here, you can cross the Hulk / Ant-Man Superbowl Coke commercial off your list:


By normal standards, the MCU includes 23 films so far, but that’s just counting from 2008 and doesn’t include things like, say, Sam Raimi’s contributions, or Nicholas Cage’s turns as Ghost Rider. In any case, that’s a lot of guys in capes and underwear to keep track of, and no one can blame you if you’re behind by a couple of chapters.

The next loosely-tied saga of MCU kicks off with Black Widow, slated for May of 2020, beginning the Phase 4 series of the MCU. Of course, many more projects are in production as both films and TV series on Disney+, giving you another reason to subscribe now that The Mandalorian is off-season. At this pace, collectors will be scrambling to find all the merchandise for their favorite characters, so we’ll help out with that here.

We’re looking for the most realistic, most detailed, top of the art form here. These figures will draw awed gasps of admiration from your nerdy crew when you have them over for game night.

Marvel Premier Collection Moon Knight Statue – Free Shipping

Call me old-fashioned, but I like my cape heroes to show a lot of cape! This is a detailed, flowing cape on a character with tons of atmosphere, whom IGN once described “What if Batman suffered from multiple personality disorder?” He may not be that familiar now, but he’s slated to get his own series on Disney+, along with She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel. Kind of makes you want to snap this up before the rush, doesn’t it? A statue of the moon god Khonshu bestowed his powers onto Marc Spector, during an archaeological dig in Egypt. Together with his sidekick Frenchie, he became a mercenary nighttime figure who has been compared to, well, an obvious comparison from the D.C. universe whose name we shall not utter here.

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Marvel Gallery Black Widow Comic Statue

We’re looking for the best in figures, and she makes the list no matter what. The character of Natalia Romanova is a holdover from Marvel’s silver age, first teaming up with Tony Stark AKA Iron Man and Hawkeye. Her anti-aging power makes her a perpetual heart-breaker, who also happens to be a trained spy. Her movie comes out in May of 2020, played by heartthrob Scarlett Johansson, which makes her another figure you may want to reserve now before it sells out. But let’s not forget the obvious selling point: Just look at that kickass pose! Oh, is she ever going to inspire some fun cosplay!

At Entertainment Earth

Marvel Comic Premier Collection Mystique Resin Statue – (Free Shipping)

Did you ever wonder why Nightcrawler is such a psychological basket case? Well, this is his mom! Ranked by IGN as the 18th greatest comic book villain of all time, Mystique enjoys enduring status as a female (but can you ever be sure with a shapeshifter?) villain in the X-Men universe. She started her film appearances with 2000’s X-Men as part of Magneto’s posse, and was still going strong in 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix. That’s a span of two decades in the MCU, not bad for a 100-year old crone. You’ve seen Mystique before, granted, but this figure pulls off a special attitude that captures her wily charms.

At Entertainment Earth

Marvel Comic Gallery Dazzler Statue

Dazzler is one of those characters nobody really seeks out in other media, but everybody wants the figure for their display case. What is Alison Blaire’s superpower? She turns sound into light. Whoa, jump back, it’s clobberin’ time. Just recently popping up in the MCU in Dark Phoenix (2019), Dazzler doesn’t have much of a role yet, but in the mutant family, she’s kind of the soulful kid sister everybody adores. Originating from the funky disco throwback culture of the ’80s, her new genre is techno-trance, so fire up that iPod playlist and snap on your roller skates! This figure is ready to dance right into your heart.

At Entertainment Earth

Marvel Comic Gallery Thanos Statue

Alright, we had to get one Thanos figure in this list. It’s practically a contractual obligation around here. Thanos needs no introduction because he is memed to heck and gone and back all over the web. Seriously, the Thanos tag on IMGUR alone runs 2.6K posts and counting. The Mad Titan and his Nintendo Power Glove, oops, Infinity Gauntlet, has practically taken over the Avengers corner of the MCU, appearing in The Avengers (2012) and continuing to Avengers: Endgame (2019). And this figure is our pick for capturing him at his most power-mad, striding a heap o’ skulls that doubtless learned not to mess with him.

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At Entertainment Earth

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Far from Home 6″ Marvel’s Mysterio Collectible Figure

Welcome to the underdog corner of our list, where the whiney blogger complains that their favorite pearly-headed D-list villain doesn’t get enough recognition. Mysterio, the sentient jawbreaker, has a muddled background in the Marvel universe, originally being this elusive illusion villain that always seemed to bedevil Spider-Man when he’s at his most vulnerable. Originally he had these reality-bending powers that made for a surreal David Lynch tone. Recently a major part of Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), he’s our choice for supporting figure from this movie because if we went with Samuel L’ Jackson’s Nick Fury, we’d have to bleep out all the text.

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Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: Doctor Strange Movie Action Figure

A Doctor Strange fan is likely a particular kind of person. More often than not, they remember the heyday of horror-themed EC Comics like The Vault of Horror and Tales From the Crypt, to which Doctor Strange owes a debt. Or they remember how vintage Doctor Strange art always had Steve Ditko at his trippiest peak of psychedelic talent. Then there’s the powers of the character: For a refreshing change, this isn’t a science geek origin story involving radiation, but a bona-fide black arts practitioner. Seems kind of counterculture even in the Marvel universe, doesn’t he? So far only a satellite part of the Infinity Saga wing of the MCU, with his own movie Doctor Strange (2016) where he’s played by Bene-whatshisname Cumber-somethingorother.

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DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Marvel Gallery: Avengers Endgame Iron Man (Mk85 PVC Figure, Multicolor)

But of course, we’d be kidding ourselves if we thought most of you weren’t here for a solid Tony Stark figure. Based on the Iron Man suit as depicted in Avengers: Endgame (2019), this is a knock-out, eye-catching model of the Man in a Can that we’ve seen in awhile. Endeared to all with his breakout appearance in Iron Man (2008) embodied by the always-watchable Robert Downey Jr., he’s gone on to be one of the central characters to the MCU, rivaling Spidey himself for the top spot. What is his appeal? We think it has something to do with a gadget-tinkering genius who’s so good with technology that he’s able to literally merge with it to keep himself alive and give himself superpowers, at the same time being a tech billionaire playboy. More Silicon Valley programmers have Iron Man posters on their wall than you’d even want to know.

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