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Adventure TIme Lemon Grab Funko POP!

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“This castle…is in… unacceptabllle condition. Unacceptblllllllllle!”

The man (Le-man?), the myth, the legend – quite possibly, the most referenced Adventure Time character since the show first began, Lemongrab.

The iconic, squealy, uber-whiney lemon that is Lemongrab has to be one of funniest cartoon characters in recent memory. Voiced by Justin Roiland, the same guy who does both voices for Rick and Morty,  it’s safe to say he’s onto something with his vocal contributions to the animated universe.

If you’re a Funko/Adventure Time fan, you’re already thinking it: “One for the collection”. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you ask), this Lemongrab is not known to screech and/or squeal at you for minor offenses as it stands. But you know how technology and innovation works – a life size, ultra-aggressive Lemongrab figure may be just around the bend.

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