About GeekyDomain

First of all, thanks a bunch for stopping by - it means more than you might realize.

GeekyDomain is a site, better yet, a collection of some of the geekiest items and hidden gems to be located across the internet.

Started by a geeky guy named Adam, the site's sole focus is to bring geek-culture to the forefront and create an easy, slightly comical way for fellow geeks to find inanimate objects they otherwise might not have known existed.

Most of the items throughout GeekyDomain will give a small commission to the site, either by Amazon Associates or another referral program, but don't for a second think that that motivates any of the product listings here - they're 100% geeky-interest inspired.

That said, have fun geeking out over some of the things we find, and if you have something you think would be a good fit for the site, don't hesitate to say so!