Ocarina of TIme 7-Hole Ocarina

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“Heyyy! Listen!”

Having played any Legend of Zelda game is essentially part of being human these days, and nothing says nostalgia quite like a real-life Ocarina of Time replica.

Crafted by Songbird Ocarinas, an Ocarina manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, California (you really can find anything in L.A.), they specialize in some seriously high-quality ceramic craftsmanship – mainly ocarinas, but also sell some pretty awesome Zelda-inspired pendants as well.

There are a good amount of Legend of Zelda ocarinas floating around out there, but this brand seems to be widely considered one of the premier makes, in terms of build-quality and overall usability. Since ocarina’s are, in fact, real musical instruments, and not just a fictional part of the Legend of Zelda lore (it sure made them popular, though), musical performance and sound is taken into account with the Songbird brand – they have them expertly tuned to the key of “C” (for you musicians out there).

Oh, and by the way, it comes in a freaking treasure chest. If that’s not the most appropriate delivery of all time, than what is? (Legend of Zelda sheet music also included)

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