If we’re talking television and entertainment, one of the biggest surprises of 2018 came in the form of an angry red panda by the name of Retsuko.

Aggretsuko, loosely translating to aggressive Retsuko, is a death metal anime series and Netflix original following the aforementioned, Retsuko, and her daily struggle to master the art of adulting.

The twist? To most who know her, she’s a cute, unassuming accounting department employee who’s as straight laced as they come

The reality? She vents by raging harder than any metal-head that’s ever existed; during bathroom breaks, inside her own head and at late night, solo karaoke room sessions.

Sounds totally unrelatable, right?


The irony here is this might very well be the most widely relatable anime we’ve ever been subjected to. You might not think that you’re an angry red panda who loves death metal, but I’m here to tell you otherwise.

You see, Aggretsuko isn’t really about red pandas and death metal at its core; it’s about life, and navigating through the struggles many of us will inevitably have to endure at some point.

That said, what better source of life-learning than a Netflix anime series from the same folks that brought us Hello Kitty?

Here are 6 valuable life lessons you’ll learn from watching Retsuko and friends in Aggretsuko:

1. A Shitty Boss Can Ruin Your Life, If You Allow It

Director Ton Rage

A lot of us have had bosses that were pigs at some point in our careers.

Not pigs in the sense that they rolled around in mud or didn’t bath (or hey, maybe that too), but more in the sense that their behavior was abhorrent, and worthy of landing them a nickname comparable to “swine”.

Director Ton – as he is known – or “Retsuko’s Boss,” is the laziest, most ungrateful, chauvinistic pig (I mean literally, he’s a pig) you’ll ever encounter in an office setting.

He does his very best to make Retsuko’s work-life (and indirectly, her personal life) a living hell, as we see.

Personalities like Director Ton’s exist by the boatload in the workforce; they feed on kindness and insecurity as a means to control those that work around them.

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The only way to deal with these types of bosses is to stand up for yourself from the get-go. Otherwise, you’ll end up like Retsuko, and serve as the office punching-bag for all of your superiors.

Point? Don’t be the office Retsuko.

2. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (At Work)

We all know that one person that can’t stop talking and spreading rumors about everyone at work.

Gossip is a lot like fruit-flies: the worst.

Kabae, her incessant chatter, and gossip are the fruit-flies in this scenario, and Retsuko learns the hard way that not all conversations will remain “A” and “B”.

Thanks to your office’s Kabae, everyone now thinks you’re pregnant, can’t poop right, or are putting in your two-weeks notice, when, in actuality, you haven’t lined anything up for the future just yet.

It’s great to talk about non-work related stuff to break the monotony of everyday life, but be careful who you blabber to.

There’s a Kabae waiting just around the cubicle in every office.

3. When Everything Else Is Falling Apart, Don’t Cling To New Romances

Resasuke Dreamy Face

New romances can be fun; those new feelings comparable to butterflies mating inside of your belly.

But if Retsuko taught us anything, it’s that romances can turn into a crutch when you feel like the rest of your world is spiraling out of control.

It’s hard to make good decisions when you feel insecure about your life as a whole; the best relationships tend to start out when you’re not desperate for one in the first place.

Otherwise, next thing you know you’re spending all your energy trying to convince yourself that you’re happy, when really, you’re just as miserable as you were before.

It’s great to find someone you genuinely care about who adds to your life, but don’t pull a Retsuko, date a Resasuke, and jack up your already jacked up situation with delusional infatuation.


4. Passions Are For Sharing, Not Hiding

Retsuko Karaoke Rage

Having some kind of passion or hobby is whats keeps us all sane; our personalities require it.

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That being said, you can start to feel a bit like a phony, if your most passionate of passions or interests are something you try your best to keep a secret.

Retsuko loves metal. Her rage performances are the most enjoyable thing to consume since sliced bread.

The worst thing you could do is hide something that so obviously makes you you.

Washimi and Gori manage to break Retsuko’s shell, and end up impressed rather than deterred, and there’s a cheesy cliche that summarizes things perfectly here:

“Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind dont matter”.


5. Social Media Can Be Your Worst Enemy

Fenneko Social Media Freak-Out

We all know social media can be awful for any number of reasons:

  • show-offs,
  • phonies,
  • bots (dear lord, the bots…)

None of that compares to the impending damage to be caused by posting things you’re not comfortable with everyone – from all of your circles – seeing.

It’s pretty easy to get looked up online, so if you think your social media stuffz or things are going to cause you issues in other aspects of your life, it’s best to just leave it alone.

It beats the hell out of running damage control.

6. There’s More To Life Than A 9 to 5

Retsuko Imported Goods Shop

A lot of people are “working to live” in this world. That being the case, a lot of people hate their jobs – despise them, even.

Retsuko would love to work with her free-spirited homie as an imported goods accountant, and “travel on the companies dime,” but life beckons.

If anything, use that 9 to 5 to start saving for the life you actually want to live; you don’t have to be a slave to the struggle forever.

And even if you do like your job, remember there are other things to enjoy in life, like raging so hard during karaoke night that your eyes go white and your face starts to contort.




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