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10 Gifts Every Persona Fan Needs To Become The Next Protagonist

This is the proper way to travel across Japan: Mikage-cho, Sumaru City, Iwatodai, Inaba, Tokyo. In that order. No, I don’t care that more than half of the list is fictional locations. If I cared, I wouldn’t have stated it as fact.

Anyone who has played the Persona series knows these cities (at least part of them, and the train stations) well. And if you don’t, you need to fix that. Now. Then come back to this list so you can enjoy the fandom with us.

We found you ten items you can get in this world to help you fight the Shadows. While you wait for delivery, brush up on your tarot and Social Links

Igor Notebook

Igor Notebook

You have to sign the contract. Igor won’t let you through into the Velvet Room without it. But isn’t the information you get behind the door worth it? You bet your Persona it is.

Use this notebook to take class notes to boost your Knowledge so you can spend more time dealing with the things that really matter: fighting and friends. Or if your memory is really bad, you can use this to take notes on Shadows and Personas for more efficient battles.

Tarot Cards

Persona tarot cards

Thou art I… and I am thou…

Persona only deals with the Major Arcana, but this deck is the real deal – 78 cards inspired by Persona 3 and 4. These cards are beautifully printed on high quality plastic, card stock, or linen for frequent use.

Even if you’re not into tarot, these cards are a great addition to any Persona fan’s home. You can’t really strengthen your relationships just with these cards, but should that stop you from trying?

Morgana Tissue Box

Morgana Tissue box

Morgana doesn’t even know who he is! Listen, he just wants to help. If that means turning into a cat bus or a cat bus tissue box, who are we to stop him? We can’t. You know we can’t. Before we even say a word, he’ll have already taken care of the problem.

If you hear your tissues start purring, here’s what to do: start talking about “that cat that keeps hanging around.” Morgana will get super offended at being called a cat and you’ll be able to call him out on his antics.

Masao Inaba Hat

Masao Inaba hat

You’re the goofball of your group of friends. Or to make it more understood to our later Persona fans: you’re the Ryuji, the Yosuke, the Junpei. You’re here for a good time, not a long time.

This is the hat for you if you’ve been a fan of the series from the beginning. Or if you’re a conspiracy theorist. Who am I to judge? This hat is handmade with accurate details to depict the artist who is obsessed with graffiti. Time to get your dance on!

Junes Pin

Junes pin

Every day’s great at your Junes! This department store has a pretty excited following, and I personally think it has everything to do with the food court. Or, if you’re Nanako, everything is just awesome and we should go there and wander around all the time. Pin this on your work apron so you can pretend you work at the greatest department store of all time. Don’t forget to bring some rope if they’ve stationed you in electronics, especially if you’ve noticed fog and rain lately.

School badge

School badge

Which school was your favorite? Do you want a school that gives you an hour to fight in at midnight or do you prefer plaid pants? Where ever you go, represent your school pride with a patch that you can attach to any article of clothing or bag you own. Just keep your nose clean, stay off the roof, and don’t forget to pay attention in class. Exams are important, or so they keep telling us.

Dark Hour Watch

Dark hour watch

If this watch stops every day at midnight, don’t worry, it’s normal. If everyone around you turns into coffins until the clock starts again, then you can panic. The picture doesn’t really do it justice – the details are absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for daily wear. Unfortunately, you can’t track the moon cycle with this watch, but just be sure to pay attention to the strength of the enemies around you – you can’t waste a single moment when the fate of the world is on the line.

Cookie Cutters

Persona cookie cutters

Tearing a mask off your face to summon your Persona looks painful – and just as a side note, it’s a lot of blood, too. There’s no blood sacrifice required on these cookie cutters (unless you’ve really, really messed up) but you might have to rip the cookies apart depending on how small the rim on your glass of milk is.

As a side note: if you can create that really delicate icing art that can make these masks look like the real deal, know that I am in awe of you.

TV necklace

Junes TV

Let’s go visit Teddy! Climbing into the TV at Junes can be stressful sometimes, but it’s always an adventure. Only you can rescue your friends and help them realize that they are much stronger than they think they are, and this spinning necklace is the perfect reminder of that. Once you’ve exhausted yourself and need a break, head on over to the food court for some grilled steak.

SEES armband

SEES band

Let everyone know that you’re in the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad with this armband (chibi Protagonist not included). You’ll still need an invoker gun to be any use inside Tartarus, but you can’t really wander around with that. Bonus: you’ll get to stay in the dorms with the other members so that you can plan ahead for your nightly mission.

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