10 “Ghost in the Shell” Items That Fans Will Love

We’ve been fangirling over Ghost in the Shell for over 24 years now. We’ve read the mangas, watched the series and movies, played the games, and some of us lucky ones even saw the stage play (you know who you are, and I am jealous of you).

One thing we could all use more of in our home is fandom. If you disagree, you clicked on the wrong article, friend. We’ve found ten awesome items inspired by Ghost in the Shell that you absolutely need to bring home immediately.

Laughing Man Stone Coaster

Laughing Man Coaster

If you can’t stand phonies either, maybe this coaster is for you. You can’t team up and hack into cyber-brain implants with The Laughing Man, but that’s probably for the best.

Besides, even if you ran into him, you probably wouldn’t even know who he was. This coaster will keep your desk dry from any beverage a Geisha may deliver to you.

Tachikoma Amigurumi pattern

Tachikoma Amugurumi

If you’re crafty, there’s no question that you have to pick up this Tachikoma pattern. This little guy would be the perfect desk buddy for when you’re distracted and need to rewatch some episodes, or you can build an army of them so they can have friends. Natural oil not included.

Geisha Pin

Geisha Pin

What does it mean to be human, anyways? Do you need your brain, your organs? These cyborgs are only 9 years away, so it might be worth getting used to looking at their faces now.

This extremely detailed pin fits on everything from your collar to your bag, so carry it around everywhere to remind you of our imminent future.

Individual Eleven Duvet Cover

Individual Eleven Duvet Cover

Remember when we were young and we were told we could shove a textbook under our pillow and absorb its information so we didn’t have to study? It’s a good thing we can’t actually download information straight into our brains, and this duvet cover is a good reminder.

Before you go to sleep after a long day, just remind yourself that studying might take forever and drive you to madness, but it’s better than this alternative.

Hexapod Owners’ Manual Metal Print

Hexapod Owner Metal Print

We all know we’re supposed to use synthetic oil in our Tachikomas, right?

If you don’t, or if you’re just needing to repair a wheel, then this… okay, this isn’t going to teach you how to repair anything, it’s just a metal print.

But it’s a dang cool one, and looks great on any wall in your house.

Major Kusanagi Figurine

Major Kusanagi Figurine

This 1/6 model stands just under 11” tall and has additional accessories that aren’t shown here (like a sub machine gun) to maximize your Major.

Put her in front of your other figurines to build the strongest troops.

Tachikoma Figurine

Tachikoma Poseable Figurine

Sorry, these Tachikoma don’t come with oil, either. It’s probably for the best – you don’t want these little guys driving off the shelf and getting into things, do you?

Okay, yeah, that sounds pretty great. Ignore everything I previously said. Well, at least we can still pretend – this Tachikoma is poseable for any adventure (hint for modern fun: use them as your modern elf on a shelf).

Major Kusanagi 3D Model

Kusanagi 3D Print

This one is another one for the crafty people out there! There are 5 different sizes to print, ranging from the size of a D&D miniature to nearly five times that.

She prints in several different pieces  for you to put together and paint.

Minimalist Comforter

Ghost in the Shell Comforter

I’m not going to lie – I just really like the design of this one. You have to admit that that bed looks comfy.

This comforter will fit in perfectly with all of the other Ghost in the Shell things you have in your room – posters, figurines, plushies…

Section Nine License Plate Frame

Section Nine License Plate Frame

We’ll never get to be members of Public Security Section 9, unfortunately. No hunting down Laughing Man or any other cyberterrorist.

I know, I’m sad, too. But you can show your love for the Shell Squad with this license plate frame. Major Kusanagi would approve.

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