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10 Food Wars! Items For The Chef In You

Is there anything more satisfying in this world than a day spent with anime and ramen? I could personally use a few more days of binging on good anime and good food.

Food Wars! brings the best of both and presents foods that make you wish you could cook like they do… or at least know someone that did. Anyone who has watched this show knows that you should only watch when you’re not hungry unless you’re willing to turn the volume up to cover up the sounds of your stomach demanding every and all food in the immediate vicinity.

For those of us that can’t get enough Food Wars!, we’ve found ten fantastic items for the inspired chef in all of us.

“Bento” Box Set

Food Wars! Season 1 Collector's Box Set

Introduce everyone you know to the aspiring chefs of Tōtsuki Culinary Academy. This collector’s box is a must for any Food Wars! fan. Complete with both DVD and Blue Ray versions of the first season, it also comes with a Kumabear apron, a booklet, chopsticks, a pin set, and art cards from the show, all packaged in a bento-inspired box.

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Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Is it tea? Is it coffee? Is it the world’s best hot chocolate? Only you will know, but everyone else can only assume that it’s absolutely delicious. Bring this mug with you to school, the office, on the train… anywhere, really. It’s a travel mug. This high quality stainless steel and heat insulation ensures that your comforting winter beverages will stay warm longer.

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Kumabear Apron

Kumabear apron

Wearing this apron alone isn’t going to save you, Isshiki. Put on your dang pants.

I am not suggesting you wear this apron and nothing else. I am not suggesting you wear any apron and nothing else. Have you ever had grease pop at you? I had one pop in my eye the other day, man (true story). Throw this apron on (over your shirt) to show your dinner guests that they need to prepare their faces – you mean business.

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Polar Star Dorm Shirt

Totsuki Academy Tee

You don’t have to be a culinary genius to wear this shirt, but it definitely helps. All the legends have paid their dues at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy, but perhaps more importantly they lived in the Polar Star Dormitory.

Could you imagine this dorm? Aside from the nerve-destroying entrance exam that Fumio demands, this seems like a dream come true. Roommates that are passionate about the same things you are, that push you to be better… but the best part is the midnight snacks will never be beat.

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Erina throne

Erina on throne

This deliciousness will make you bow before you know it!

Well, of course! Erina may be a little full of herself, but you would be too if you possessed the God Tongue. This figurine comes with a removable translucent hand to complete the scene after the judges taste her Eggs Benedict during hell week.

You’re not worthy to be on her level, so place her up high because she needs to look down on you.

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Cook book

Food Wars! Recipe Book

You can’t really smell the food through the screen, but it definitely feels like it sometimes. This 97-page recipe book was created in collaboration with chef Yuki Morisaki and has never-before-seen recipes inspired by the characters in Food Wars!. Will you try your hands at recreating a dish from hell week, or start from episode one and create the restaurant-saving “meat” dish? Just looking at that cover makes me regret writing this article before dinner.

Just… whatever you do, please don’t make peanut butter squid. I’m begging you.

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Momo’s Pecan Pie Wax Melt

Momo's Pecan Pie Wax Melt

Okay, so maybe you don’t have an eye for the kitchen. That’s okay, you don’t have to enjoy cooking to enjoy this show or its food. Momo is on the Council of Ten, so you know her food has to be delicious.

Since you probably would never have a chance to even be in the same vicinity as Momo (or even her cat plush, how dare you consider it), PopLustrous has taken the essence of her pecan pie and infused it into a wax melt so you can smell the best damn pie on the planet. Don’t eat it, though, this won’t taste anything like the real thing. I know, I’m sorry.

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Tote Bag

Tote bag

When going to the grocery store, bring your own bags, especially if you’re like me and will only make one trip out of the car (I will die on this hill).

Use this bag for your specialty recipe items so you know exactly where they are when you’re unloading the car and you can protect these precious ingredients.

Or if cooking isn’t your thing, you can use it to tote around snacks. I won’t tell anyone.

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Megumi Wall Clock

Megumi wall clock

We’ve all had a Megumi day in the kitchen. Unsure that the food will turn out well, being completely unsure that we even know what chicken pairs with anymore, or just mucking up because you forgot an ingredient or timed it wrong.

No fear, Megumi is here! She may look like she’s having some serious food crisis, but she could also be making the face of being so proud of you that she can’t think straight.

In either case, hang this clock on your kitchen wall to remind you of all your food dreams. You might not attend Tōtsuki, but I believe in you. No, you can’t hang a picture of my face in your kitchen.

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Soma Yukihira Mini Omelette

Soma Mini Omelette

I have an extreme desire to eat this, and I’m bringing this to you knowing that it’s made of clay. Must… resist… Maybe the reason I want to eat this so badly is because I just want to know what clouds taste like. Is that such a crime? Just looking at it gives me flashbacks to when Soma made this soufflé omelette and just how quickly he was dishing out serving after serving.

I have no practical ideas for this mini dish. I just know that I want to eat it. I’d probably put it on my desk to remind me that it’s always food-o-clock but also that I’m bad at making omelettes.

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